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Residential Complex Sonyachna Rivyera

Kyiv, Ukraine
4 / 8
Residential Complex Sonyachna Rivyera
Address:вулиця Микільсько-Слобідська, 1А, Київ
Phone:+380 44 364 4132

Andrey Martynyuk

In my opinion, Could have made the facade brighter, not so matte, more playful in the sun, more glass and aluminum (for example, like riviera riversid.. Read more »

Игорь Омельченко

Beautiful lcd. True, there are no parking lots, but a beautiful and stylish LCD.

Анатолий Евтушенко

Beautiful domtroenie was inside all new disappeared on the floors high-speed elevators. Very beautiful city for housing landscape on hydroparktsikavit.. Read more »

Максим Овсянко

The houses got a great place. It is sad that the project lacks open terraces. Panoramic windows only in some of the apartments on the upper floors. Wh.. Read more »

Андрей Волотовский

I was with friends. But the view is just amazing))

Олена Загура

The houses are beautiful, the panorama is great, the location is great. In the middle of many apartments are renovated. But why is there still a fence.. Read more »

Кирил Воробйов

Very nice two houses, which are located on the banks of the Rusanov Strait. The complex has bicycle paths, playgrounds and a beach. It became very cro.. Read more »

Ivan Deineko

Corrupt housing development constructed in violation of the Ukrainian laws. I doubt the safety measures were respected. Definitely not recommended.

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