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Yuvileiny Stadium

Sumy, Ukraine
4.2 / 6
Yuvileiny Stadium
Address:вулиця Гагаріна, 11, Суми
Phone:+380 542 227 140

Паша Кизимов

I like good light. There is music. Not a chanson like a vanguard. But there is also a minus, she plays very quietly. But ice is free it all bypasses

Руслан B

Quite a decent and beautiful stadium for a city like Sumy, but it needs renovation. Solid teams have not played at this stadium for a long time. Lack .. Read more »

Pawuga Kasnitskiy

The central stadium of the city, where football matches are mainly held. Not actively used, which is a pity. Located in the city center, next to the c.. Read more »

Oleh Slipachenko

Beautiful, modern, purely football stadium, but alas, neglected ... BECAUSE THERE IS NO FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE CITY.

Кабыздох Тузиков

Why such stadion wasn't finished?

Olha Obukhova

One of the attractions of the city. Here are football matches of different levels. As well as city events and concerts of visiting artists.

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