Yivliminare Mosque

Antalya, Turkey
4.3 / 8
It was built at the beginning of the XIII century at the direction of the Seljuk Sultan in honor of his victories in the conquest of coastal lands. For 8 centuries, it has not changed. It has a height of 38 meters, is visible from anywhere in Antalya. Inside is a staircase of 90 steps leading to a balcony. The structure has an unusual, corrugated shape - consists of 8 half-cylinders standing on a square pedestal. Crowned by its conical lead roof. Nearby is a mosque.
Yivliminare Mosque
Address:Selçuk, İskele Caddesi
Phone:+90 242 244 75 50


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Beautiful Mosque, definitely worth a visit, would definitely come back again, family loved it -)


What a piece of architecture. The minar is breathtaking. Iconic! Do go early morning before everyone is up. :)


I loved this house of Allah. It’s at the perfect location to stop in for a cold drink and pray 2 rakaats, and maybe even take a nap during the hot day.


The mosque is will kept. Small. But something to see as part of the visit to Antalya


If you see too many mosque in Turkey, this mosque is nothing special at all. 1. This mosque is special because of its tall tower overlooking the whole Antalya. 2. Apart from the tower setting it special, the interior is not that special at all. Just.. Read more »


Beautiful masjid Ma Sha Allah. Felt very calm and peaceful in there.


Nice mosque. It is also has an interesting history. It can be visited by tourists.


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