Wrigley Field

Chicago, USA
4.9 / 9
The arena for the games of the most popular sport in the United States. The stadium always gathers full stands of fans during numerous cups. For about 100 years, Wrigley Field has been the home of the Chicago Cubs team. The stadium is an open space with stands installed around the perimeter. On the roofs of the surrounding houses, enterprising owners also organized seats for spectators.
Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field
Address:1060 West Addison Street, Chicago
Phone:+1 773-404-2827


The staff handed out pajama pants as you entered the gate. The staff was very helpful as we asked for guidance to our seats. They also helped us find a garlic Parmesan french fry stand that was recommended to us. Unfortunately, we were in section 400.. Read more »


The first time I ever came to Wrigley Field. I was treated to suite 57. The staff is awesome. The fans are fabulous. The new owners of the club are the best in the world. I've been smiling since 11:30 this morning and you can't take the smile off .. Read more »


The new Catalina Club is outstanding! Food and drink is included, and it was so nice to just go up and eat as much as I want. The servers are so unbelievably amazing, the waitress for my group was always around before I even realized I wanted another.. Read more »


Love going to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play. It's a great experience and always a lot of fun. Go Cubs Go! Wrigley Field as one of the happiest places in Chicago. It's a place to build great memories and share great times with those that you love.. Read more »


If you are a baseball fan in general or even a history buff, go check out Wrigley Field! Beautiful stadium in Chicago with tons of history! I highly recommend the stadium tour. You will get to tour stadium with full access while being loaded with his.. Read more »


I had the privilege of being in the Fannie Mae Sweet. Staff was great, and the food was unbelievably delicious. I especially love the roasted beef and roasted vegetables on a bun.The chocolate chunk brownie cannot be beat. The view is different as it.. Read more »


Great tour, well informed guide! Iconic and historical ballpark. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ernie Banks and Gabby Hartnett to name a few Hall of Farmers played on these hallowed grounds. From the ivy and classic marquee to the grand old scoreboard, t.. Read more »


I always have a great time at Wrigley Field and will always continue to go there to see my home team play. The staff is definitely second to none at this facility and a great place for a family-friendly environment. Of course we could always talk abo.. Read more »


Loved the old school charm of Wrigley Field. Had good seats on the first base side. Went into the bar behind home base for some good drinks. Took the Subway and it was super easy in and out! Can’t wait to come back again.


Chicago wouldn’t be the city it is without the iconic landmark known as Wrigley Field. You know a stadium has made a positive impact on a community when the entire town is named Wrigleyville. I recommend coming to a game at this ball park to see th.. Read more »


Chicago wouldn’t be the city it is without the iconic landmark known as Wrigley Field. You know a stadium has made a positive impact on a community when the entire town is named Wrigleyville. It is truly a one of a kind experience that I highly reco.. Read more »


That place is superbe but unfortunately this days not to much activity there. Today because the weather is nice I've seen many bikers, people walking in with their kids and pets. Quite beautiful.


The stadium experience is wonderful. The atmosphere is exciting. the staff is also good. There is also a lot of fan spirit around here. This stadium is a classic ballpark and it sure reminds me of one!


Place is jampacked when we got here. I think the cubs had a game then. It was really festive.


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