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Willis Tower

Chicago, USA
4.5 / 13
A skyscraper in Chicago, USA, with a height of 442.1 m and a total of 108 floors. The skyscraper was built between August 1970 and May 4, 1973. The chief architect is Bruce Graham, the project engineer is Fazlur Khan.
Willis Tower
Address:233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago
Phone:+1 312-875-0066

Ann La

The key is to not look down at all if you're terrified of heights. As one of the tallest buildings in the world, the view is magnificent, overlooking .. Read more »

Jack Malisz

This is thoroughly magical place. View from the top is Breath taking. It is known as Willis Tower right now but everybody here knows it's Sears towe.. Read more »

Peter Carlesimo

Definitely what you expect when you visit a skyscraper. It offers beautiful views over-looking the great city of Chicago. A city full of many unique m.. Read more »

Zahra Albadri

I will never go again it’s the worse you have to wait in line for hours to get to the tower

Iman Khatib

The speedy elevator that takes you to 103 floors in no time is both thrilling & fascinating. The views from sky deck are exciting. Stepping on to the .. Read more »

Iftikhar Ahmad

Very very clean rest area

Tom Durham

Beautiful building but unable to visit the sky deck due to lateness of the day!

Frankie J

I give the SKY DECK located on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower at 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606 FIVE STARS. The designers, architects and eve.. Read more »

Jonathan pfister

Great place to go BUT.... If you go there plan enough time... It took us around one hour to go to the top. No body was outside the building when we ar.. Read more »

S Kim

Is it worthy to wait 2 and half hours and spend $20??? Long queue makes people exhausted. 0. Waiting for going to down stair 1. Waiting for security .. Read more »

Alexis Evans

That’s Amazing!! It was my first skyscraper with this spectacular view!! We have waited for our turn around 4 hours ans were annoyed at some point , .. Read more »

Liverpool 101

I had a wonderful day in this building. It is such a tall, magnificent structure in the heart of a magnificent city! I would definitely visit again. .. Read more »

mike smith

One of the best places to view all of Chicago. You as a Bussines professional I can tell the staff are trained extremely well. Customer service is too.. Read more »

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