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Westminster Abbey

London, England
4.5 / 17
The main church of Great Britain is not only an important religious center, but also the place of coronation and burial of British monarchs. The abbey was founded by Edward the Confessor at the beginning of the XI century. It acquired a modern look in the XV century. Beginning in Harold II, all the kings of Great Britain were crowned here. The abbey is open to tourists, there are often concerts of classical music and exhibitions.
Westminster Abbey
Address:20 Deans Yd, London
Phone:+44 20 7222 5152
Hours:monday: 09:30–15:30 tuesday: 09:30–15:30 wednesday: 09:30–18:00 thursday: 09:30–15:30 friday: 09:30–15:30 saturday: 09:30–15:30 sunday: Closed

Franco Z

This place is just awesome. I had seen it in pictures for years and swore I would make the trip. It did not disappoint, the architecture, the sheer .. Read more »

Demetrio Tondella

Highly recommended. The Abbey is filled with history and the audio-guide helps to get a better understanding of this unique place. It is surprising to.. Read more »


Poor timing on my behalf. I visited on the day that it was closed, but even from the outside it was worth seeing; however, I thought it would be larg.. Read more »

Tarek Achaoui

I was in Westminster Abbey to take part in a service to mark the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior. I felt very safe being there - social.. Read more »

diana andreea

Very nice place. I've been here before the pandemic and the queue to get inside the Abbey was quite large but I don't know now. I'd have liked to get .. Read more »

James D (Jimmy)

I'm not super interested in history but Westminster Abbey kept me amused for a good 2-3 hours. The displays are very well presented and the audio tour.. Read more »

Tom Bruce

I was in Westminster Abbey to take part in a service to mark the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior. I felt very safe being there - social.. Read more »

David Beckett

Although £18 seems a lot especially during the current position of parts being closed, it is still a fascinating place. The staff are well informed an.. Read more »

Christina B.

As for me, this is the most beautiful building in London! I was really impressed. I was lucky enough to get to the Sunday divine worship. It was awes.. Read more »


Not worth the entry fee. This should be free or by donation

Invisible Woman

For Wednesday, I didn't buy the last round ticket but they didn't allow us to use the audio (they mentioned in the website that the audio is not avail.. Read more »

Jamie KH

It was great when we visited last year. Amazing building and peaceful. The building inside some place you can not take a picture, but some parts they .. Read more »

Bryan Hulbert

Amazingly beautiful ancient medieval cathedral located in the heart of London near all the best attractions. You won't want to miss this stop on your .. Read more »

James Tang

Many royal family members and famous people buried here, many stories here...

Water Melon

Don't go in at night time, very spooky if you ask me but definitely go when there is still sunshine ?

Rajiv M

Westminster Abbey is one of the most beautiful historical sites situated in the heart of London. Steeped in more than a thousand years of history, We.. Read more »

Matt Lesser

One of the most iconic Abbey's in Europe is a must see. I nearly had to go to hospital due to whiplash experience upon entering the Lady Chapel whose .. Read more »

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