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Wembley Stadium

London, England
4.3 / 11
Famous and even legendary among football fans the stadium, the symbol of England football. For the first time its gates were opened under King George V in 1923, the same year the English Cup was played at the stadium. By the 1960s, Wembley had become the country's premier football arena. In addition to the games, there were concerts by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Oasis, AC / DC and other world stars.
Wembley Stadium
Address:Wembley, London
Phone:+44 844 980 8001

Prash Photo

An amazing experience seeing the England Football team in action at this historic venue! Plenty of parking if you’re driving in (however I’d recommend.. Read more »

WildMan Productionz

Travelled here with my dad in 2015 to see the legends themselves, AC/DC. In a sold out wembley stadium. With the most amazing performance I had ever s.. Read more »

Simon Drury

Wembley! You can see it from many miles away due to the arch that supports the roof. Seats 90,000 for football. England's team home stadium. Finishe.. Read more »


Living and working from alst 12 years surrounding areas around this oval cosmic biscuit. Very Impressive stadium in size too. When you got a chance t.. Read more »

Matt Roberts

I visited when it first opened. It is a fantastic stadium and one of, if not the best in the country. It offers a great atmosphere.

Andy JC Taylor

I was there for a meeting at The FA,very Covid aware

Good days droning Matt go

Loads of new flats going up

Iain McConnell

For standing events, me and my partner stand at almost all gigs and make the effort to ensure we are always at the front. The staff here have decided .. Read more »

Leo Stainton

Wembley was an amazing experience. I haven't been here since I was a kid and it was the old Wembley Stadium. The tour was fantastic and gave me a real.. Read more »

kirsty regan

Went watching Manchester City here in February and was an incredible experience. Amazing facilities.


It's Wembley. I mean, when you think about football in the UK, the first image that pops up is Wembley Stadium, and it's magnificent arches, in all th.. Read more »

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