Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw, Poland
4.2 / 5
Warsaw Chopin Airport
Address:Żwirki i Wigury 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 650 42 20


A nice airport, the old terminal is linked to the new. Easy to get a trolley outside which were free, unlike the UK who charge you £2.00 or more. The security staff were approachable and friendly,the procedure was swift. There was one bell end who wa.. Read more »


Far from good. It is one very long building. If you have to transfer planes be ready to have some extended walking. They don't announce all the departures on the PA system so don't nap or fall asleep even if you are tired because you can miss your c.. Read more »


The airport is extremely accessible. Within 15 minutes of the center of town, modern and spacious, never too crowded passing security. Furthermore, it is well connected globally with many well priced interesting direct destinations.


Gorgeous airport with tons of things to do and eat while you wait for your flight. I personally like it better than krakows international airport. It was very clean and easy to navigate as well.


Huge airport, clean everywhere. Have a chapels in here very good, other airports just have preying room. Have lots of photos around in here from past of airport. Duty free shops is very cheap. Not problem if you go early the checking area


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