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Vienna, Austria
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A striking monument of Gothic architecture of the 19th century. Has the most typical elements for this style: openwork decorative patterns that create an airy image, arrow-shaped window spans and arches, high spiers of the main towers. The temple is built of white sandstone, so the building often requires renovation. The church appeared in gratitude to God from Emperor Franz Joseph.
Address:Rooseveltplatz, Wien
Phone:+43 1 4061192
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 14:00–18:00 wednesday: 14:00–18:00 thursday: 14:00–18:00 friday: 14:00–18:00 saturday: 09:00–13:00, 16:00–18:00 sunday: 09:00–13:00

Welerson Santos

I love old structures, the details, every whim. Wonderful, beautiful and charming. Besides being giant and well cared for. Vienna is very beautiful.

Павел Зорин

Vonderful Church, very beauteful, very good location, very Nice arhitecture, vonderful park close this Church, very Nice place, amaizing cathedral, li.. Read more »

Dawid S. Bodlaj

One of the most beautiful churches in Vienna.

Олексій Чайковський

This is the most beautiful and architecture I have ever seen, especially wonderful structures at the back side of the church

Adam Widłak

Most beautiful peace of Architecture worth of Visit here in Vien. There is an U-ban station nearby as well as several bas & tram routes. Build on clas.. Read more »

Владислав Моисеев

We had lived about 300 meters from this place. It's very nice

Kulan Kahadugoda

Beautiful church! Free admission and breathtaking - the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows is a sight to behold. Must visit!

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