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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Washington, USA
5 / 5
Address:5 Henry Bacon Drive Northwest, Washington
Phone:+1 202-426-6841
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

This is an amazing and powerful place that honors over 58,000 people who gave all in the name of service to their country. There are volunteers statio.. Read more »
When we visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., it was Fall season, and the main tourist season was over. I mention this, since you too will.. Read more »
When we were in D.C. we visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall and it's hard to take in the vastness of it and all of the names inscribed of the brave sold.. Read more »
Another experience that's better with a little education. Understanding the choices behind why the memorial is built the way it is really enhances th.. Read more »
We had a most informative tour by Jim Jenkins of this beautiful and moving memorial. His explanation of the way the memorial wall is organised and upd.. Read more »
There’s a lot of history with this memorial. Too much drama related to the war and a very charged American population, thus the memorial that cuts dee.. Read more »
This monument has all the names of warriors who sacrificed their life for the nation. You can walkthrough the wall and see the names written Also ther.. Read more »
Google doesn’t have enough star ratings for this review. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a must come see. Go find the catalogue books, find the names.. Read more »
Incredibly emotional monument to the 58,000+ fallen Veterans of the Vietnam War. Beautifully designed and built into the hillside, the names on the wa.. Read more »
What a heart-breaking memorial dedicated to our fallen Vietnam war heroes. Seeing all the names on the wall makes you feel appreciative of the sacrifi.. Read more »
This gorgeous Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a very solemn place. We took 100 Vietnam Veterans to visit so they can finally have closure in their lives .. Read more »
This Memorial is beautifully designed and visiting it brings out so much emotion. We located my Uncle's name etched into the wall, Arthur W. Drynan... Read more »
Honor and respect all around! There was even a veteran there handing out info and talking to people. Loved our visit here!
I hadn't been here since the 8th grade trip I went on, and it was as magical this time as it was the last time I was there. I have a cousin on the wal.. Read more »
A very fitting memorial to the many thousands of American soldiers who gave their lives in defence of freedom abroad. The main memorial is a sunken w.. Read more »
There are no words for a wall like this.... I have brought myself to see this one... To honor those that came before me... As you stand looking at the.. Read more »
BEAUTIFUL secret garden full of eye delicacy that you'll miss if you're going too fast!!! I'm starting to appreciate the phrase, "Stop and smell the .. Read more »
A very profouny emotional place. The guided tour by 2 Vietnam Vets was absolutely excellent, their personal story's along with the history was amazing.. Read more »
The directory was pretty straight forward to find the names I was looking for and there was a man also surveying the area to make sure everyone could .. Read more »
Awesome experience! Great place to see. I thank God for the Freedom that we have because of the names of the person's on the wall gave everything they.. Read more »
Being someone that served in the Army and grew up reading about the Vietnam War, I had to go visit the Wall and pay my respects. Beautifully done and .. Read more »
Creative, reflective and powerful; yet simple in design. The history of how the memorial came about is fascinating too; blind selection of the winnin.. Read more »
This is a nice memorial. I went here while I was in DC and was satisfied with my experience. I walked up to this memorial and looked at it. The memori.. Read more »
Very clean, somber monument, it is longer and taller than it feels like in shows. There was a veteran there with incredible insight into the 58,279 na.. Read more »
Breath taking memorial. Been wanting to go since I was a little kid ever since I heard every vet’s name was written on the memorial. It’s a short walk.. Read more »
There is something profound about this memorial. It seems understated, but as you walk in the wall keeps going and going. Name after name after name.. Read more »
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has always been an important gathering place and shows the inscribed names of 58000 Casualties from the Vietnam War. At .. Read more »
Honoring those who fought and died in the war. This is a significant place where you can reflect. The design is very memorable.
Such touching thoughts and memories, great Memorial
First time here and loved it
Beautiful and peaceful
The wall gives you a very strong message! honoring members of the U.S. armed forces who served and died in the Vietnam War. worth a visit!!
Thanks to so many who made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America.
A wall of names of men and about 8 women that died in the war. The youngest was about 15. There was a very nice veteran that told us all the details.. Read more »
I visited the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial Wall over Spring Break of 2013 at nighttime and it was beautiful. My family and I along with our friends f.. Read more »
Vietnam Veteran Memorial. Vietnam Veteran Memorial located in Washington, D.C., in honor of individuals in the American armed services who died in th.. Read more »