Victoria Peak

Hong Kong, China
4.9 / 10
Victoria Peak


You can have the best view of Hong Kong city from this peak . Would recommend going in clear and nice weather. In the morning it is nice because you can see the whole city very well and take good pictures. Loved the Tram experience. Also if you enjoy.. Read more »


I was at Victoria Peak back in 1970 and 1971. Still have some great day and night pictures. Is the restaurant still there after you get off the tram?


Beautiful view from this location. A tourist’s must


A place to go by night


the view worth your time to wait ;) though it was packed up there


I love Victoria Peak and would give it 5 stars except the smog makes it harder to take good pictures. I have been up here a few times and for sure it is a nice break from the crowded urban city experience. The best time of year is in the cooler month.. Read more »


Just an amazing view. A must do if you head to Hong Kong! Doesn’t cost you anything! Takes about 50 minutes to walk up, if you don’t feel like doing that then catch the tram. Either way the view is not to be missed.


Very relaxing, maybe because of the weather. It's winter time the sun was up and shinning, but breeze was very cuddly.


I like the view and the location Shopping oriented No cultural or historical touch or care


So much fun but do not forget your camera or mobile phone capturing this wonderful place.


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