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4.6 / 10
Wonderful city on the water. A huge number of tourists visit Venice on Valentine's Day. At this time, it is very difficult to find a room available at the hotel. Therefore, this should be taken care of in advance. Consider the architectural grandeur of the gondola by ordering a guided tour of the water. During the water trip you can take unique photos.
#1Murano Island
★ 4.4
Murano Island
Venice, Italy

An archipelago of small five islands, on which Venetian glass products have been manufactured for hu..

#2Doge's Palace
★ 4.8
Doge's Palace
Venice, Italy

An elegant palazzo where Doges lived for centuries - rulers of an independent, rich and influential ..

#3Rialto Bridge
★ 4.7
Rialto Bridge
Venice, Italy

Bridge over the Grand Canal in the Rialto quarter. All pleasure boats sail past him, so that tourist..

#4Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
★ 4.9
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
Venice, Italy

The church appeared as thanks to the Almighty for the deliverance of Venice from the terrible plague..

#5Grand Canal
★ 4.7
Grand Canal
Venice, Italy

The main water avenue of Venice, 4 km long., Passing through the whole city. It starts immediately a..

#6Venice Marco Polo Airport
★ 3.4
Venice Marco Polo Airport
Venice, Italy
#7Saint Mark's Basilica
★ 4.6
Saint Mark's Basilica
Venice, Italy

The cult temple in the classical Byzantine style (very uncharacteristic for Western Europe), adornin..

#8Burano Island
★ 4.9
Burano Island
Venice, Italy

A small island near Murano, where one of the city blocks of Venice is located. The place is interest..

#9Ca d'Oro Palace
★ 4.2
Ca d'Oro Palace
Venice, Italy

The official name of the building is the palace of St. Sophia. The building was built in the XV cent..

#10Bridge of Sighs
★ 4.9
Bridge of Sighs
Venice, Italy

An ancient bridge in the form of an arch thrown across the Palace Canal. It connects the royal doge&..

#11Piazza San MarcoPiazza San Marco
Venice, Italy

St. Mark's Square is a courtyard in the Heart of Venice. Here are concentrated symbols of religion (..