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Vasco da Gama Bridge

Lisbon, Portugal
4.8 / 20
The most impressive and longest European bridge over the Tagus River, stretching for 17 km. The grandiose design was erected in just 3 years, despite the incredible scale of the project. The bridge was launched on March 29, 1998. This date was not chosen by chance, since it was in 1498 that Vasco da Gama set sail on the sea route from Europe to India. The bridge was built with funds from the private company Lusoponte.
Address:Ponte Vasco da Gama, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 232 8200

Amazing view of sunset ?
The Vasco da gama bridge is a long bridge and a sight to behold. I was amazed to see how far this bridge streches above Tagus river. Also note: Toll h.. Read more »
Great Passage! Fast way with beautiful views on wide Tag river
Named after the famous Portuguese explorer, this is the longest bridge in Europe spanning over the Tagus river. It connects the new northeastern part .. Read more »
Must see a place for photographers. It has a beautiful view at sunset. There are piers and well organized trails for taking pictures. It's 7.671 miles.. Read more »
It is a bridge. I am not sure how to give a review beyond that.. It has a Guiness record for the longest table setting. You can only drive across and .. Read more »
It's a beautiful bridge and really useful for those who want to travel to the other side. Although it's so overpriced! Especially if you need to use i.. Read more »
Longest bridge in Europe. Very impressive (mostly from airplane).
Great place to walk and walk, take the sky tram if you're into it great views
A very beautiful bridge and contributes to easing congestion in the capital, at night is very beautiful connecting parts of the capital, I recommend v.. Read more »
Vasco da Gama bridge constructed in Portugal , Its around 12.5 kilometers distance covering the ocean from one place to another place ❤️ , great and s.. Read more »
Helped build this bridge for nearly 4 years. At the time, 1997, it was the longest bridge in Europe. 18 kilometer span.
Amazing view, beautiful place ?
It's well maintained Has a pretty nice view of the landscape the lanes are spacious enough to allow good traffic flow assuming all people respect driv.. Read more »
This place is beautiful and the atmosphere there is great. There is a park where you can chill, but you can also walk along the river and when you wan.. Read more »
wow. i love the place, it's really a great place to spend quality time
The Vasco Bridge is the longest bridge in Europe and I crossed it, the beautiful view to the bay and the whole city amazed me. We all think we realize.. Read more »
Because I find it it beautiful..
Gorgeous road, had a fun with my English friends. Lovely memories
Beautiful useful very long bridge
Gorgeous, one of the most beautiful bridges i have seen
Fun fact: We did a sing-along of Bohemian Rhapsody and the bridge was still not crossed!
Longest bridge I’ve ever crossed and it seems like it’s the second longest one in Europe! Very impressive indeed!
Best bridge of Europe. Quality road, not much traffic even in rush hour.
Its the longest bridge I have ever seen in my entire life. From the end I was standing I couldn't see the other end. Its massive and beautiful.
I drove over the bridge by accident, and was surprised when told the toll was less than €3. Beautiful views, though was a bit hazy.
I drive over this bridge nearly every day. There is a beautiful and different view each time, in both directions driving 17 kilometres over water, fee.. Read more »