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4.4 / 16
★ 3.4
Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, like almost any resort town on the seashore, has its own dolphinarium. All six days a week, w..

#2Varna Aquarium
★ 3.0
Varna Aquarium
Varna, Bulgaria

The aquarium is located in the building of the Institute of Aquaculture and Fisheries, which was ere..

#3Aladzha Monastery
★ 4.6
Aladzha Monastery
Varna, Bulgaria

The 12th century rocky Orthodox monastery, currently in ruins. It is known that from the 4th century..

#4Roman Baths
★ 4.1
Roman Baths
Varna, Bulgaria

Antique baths were built in the II century and were used until the end of the III century. An impres..

#5Retro Museum
★ 4.8
Retro Museum
Varna, Bulgaria

The meeting was created on the initiative of businessman C. Atanasov, who was engaged in collecting ..

#6Naval Museum
★ 4.7
Naval Museum
Varna, Bulgaria

The collection appeared in 1923 thanks to a group of enthusiasts. It consists of marine uniforms, sh..

#7Cape Kaliakra
★ 4.8
Cape Kaliakra
Varna, Bulgaria

The cape is located about 60 km from Varna on the Dobrudzhan plateau. It is included in the list of ..

#8Varna Zoo
★ 4.2
Varna Zoo
Varna, Bulgaria

Varna Zoo is not large in size - its territory can easily be bypassed in 30 minutes. The animals her..

#9Seaside park
★ 4.7
Seaside park
Varna, Bulgaria

The project of the park was created by the Czech master A. Novak in the 19th century. This picturesq..

#10Archaeological Museum
★ 4.6
Archaeological Museum
Varna, Bulgaria

The museum’s collection is considered one of the largest in Bulgaria, as it contains more than 50 th..

#11Assumption Cathedral
★ 4.9
Assumption Cathedral
Varna, Bulgaria

The Cathedral of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, which is located in the center of Varna. It was inau..

#12Pobiti Kamani
★ 3.6
Pobiti Kamani
Varna, Bulgaria

Stone columns of natural origin, located 18 km from Varna. It is believed that they arose as a resul..

#13Park Museum
★ 4.3
Park Museum "Vladislav Varnenchik"
Varna, Bulgaria

The memorial complex erected in honor of the national hero Vladislav Varnenchik (Vladislav III Jagie..

#14Armenian Church of St. Sarkis
★ 4.5
Armenian Church of St. Sarkis
Varna, Bulgaria

The Armenian Orthodox Church, which was built in the middle of the 19th century on the site of a bur..

#15Lake Varna
★ 4.7
Lake Varna
Varna, Bulgaria

An extended estuary on the coast near Varna, which is connected to Beloslavsky Lake and the Gulf of ..

#16Opera Varna
★ 5.0
Opera Varna
Varna, Bulgaria

The theater stage is located in a picturesque Empire style mansion, which is considered one of the m..

Varna, Bulgaria

The summer residence of the royal family on the Black Sea, which today is used for government recept..