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Univ Lavra

Univ, Ukraine
4.8 / 5
Univ Lavra
Univ Lavra


Nice looking, the quiet and meditative place

Antony Melnyk

Good place to take a break from noisy world, chat with monks and pray. Summer Bible School took place there which was great.

Yuriy Mahnovskyy

Calm and relaxing atmosphere. Feel closer to God.

Ruslan Markiv

Great place! !! I recwived a spirutual refreshment and nurishment there. The community is very friendly and helpful.

I Tomun

Just a very peaceful and holy place. Stay a while, collect your thoughts and enjoy your time away from the busy world. Do not take the field road, it .. Read more »

Eva Johnson

We took a marshrutka from Lviv to get here. We were the first visitors to arrive on an overcast, slightly rainy day. There is a nice sense of peace, a.. Read more »

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