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Washington, USA
4.6 / 15
The building of the US Congress, located on the hill of the same name. It appeared with the White House in 1800. The construction is built in a solemn classic style. The name "Capitol" was borrowed from the Roman Empire, and deep meaning was invested in it. As the ancient Capitol Hill towered above the Eternal City, so the American Capitol claims to be universal dominance.
Address:First Street Southeast, Washington
Phone:+1 202-226-8000
Hours:monday: 08:30–16:30 tuesday: 08:30–16:30 wednesday: 08:30–16:30 thursday: 08:30–16:30 friday: 08:30–16:30 saturday: 08:30–16:30 sunday: Closed

Danial Syed

cool but why is it spelled capitol instead of capital learn english bros

Sean Michael

If I had to describe my visit to the capitol building I would have to admit that I would be at a loss of words, from the very first moment of walking .. Read more »

Laura Leguizamon

Beautiful capitol, I just saw it from outside and it is huge and so perfectly constructed, I hope in the future can go inside I bet is mind blowing

Hayden Hollman

This place was a wonderful experience to tour. There was a lot of interesting things to see, from the architecture of the building its self. To the pa.. Read more »

Gargee Chowdhury

Visited the widely recognized icon in the morning of a weekday to avoid crowd. And it was exactly what we had thought. The place was Less crowded. Got.. Read more »

Divyanshu Mahajan

As iconic as the building is thanks to Hollywood, it truly is a beauty inside and outside. The history of the place is amazing as is the free tour org.. Read more »

LV Plug

United States Capitol is something that everyone should see in their lifetime. It is well worth the money and the time it takes you travel to Washingt.. Read more »

Matthew Wagner

It was an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to go there and up to the top.

pagan wear

Limits on things with no sign. I went to purchase 4 small bottles of hand sanitizer. There is no shortage of hand sanitizer now. You can find it anywh.. Read more »

Bread Empire

Looks funky. Tried to book a privte tour.


Amazing place! Great tour, saw everything. It looked amazing and the architecture is simply marvelous.


It's strange. You see this place all the time in movies and on tv, but when you see it in person you're like "wow this place really does exist"

abhinav asthana

Beautiful and Fabulous art work you can see inside and outside of building. There's a free tour every day inside the building.

Mark Cruz

Definitely worth visiting. A guided tour is the best option. There are so many interesting stories to hear about the building itself and the people wh.. Read more »

Jason Centore

Absolutely awesome sight. Really makes you proud to be in America, such an iconic building. This is an absolute must see in your visit to DC


Not enough egotism, only saw about 100 statues. /s

KFC Family Bucket

An absolutely must SEE for all US citizens!! Is an absolutely amazing place. The history alone is worth it. Rich in stature with plenty of paintings a.. Read more »

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