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Union Station

Los Angeles, USA
4.6 / 20
Union Station
Union Station
Address:800 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

Reza A

If you get here AM early there is NOTHING around the station. Everything is closed and there is a high number of homeless people. The station appears .. Read more »

M. Q. Smith

Union Station deserves 5 stars simply because of its architectural beauty. I have only passed through this station in the middle of the night when few.. Read more »

Steve Hiday

I enjoyed my first visit to this iconic American station! I arrived on the Surfliner at 9am, transferring to the Coast Starlight for the LONG ride to .. Read more »


The subways are completely awful. The homeless problem is extremely bad now. There is not a day where the subway doesn't smell horrible or have someon.. Read more »

Richard Montgomery

I always enjoy visiting Union Station it's never too crowded and it still has the "old world" charm yet doesn't seem outdated.

William Harwood

History... and the excitement of going somewhere. I arrived in LA through Union Station and it was the beginning of the rest of my life. Always clean .. Read more »

Brandt Steuber

Really nice museum. A bit small, but nice. The earthquake exhibit was closed when we arrived, which was a bummer - as that was the sole purpose of our.. Read more »

Lance Mendoza

Its really busy here. I enjoyed my experience being in the trains. Its easy to get lost because its such a big station! Theirs also great customer ser.. Read more »

Oscar R

It's a great station somewhat clean on some areas. It has all the busses and trains and rail to take you anywhere in the greater LA area.

Julie Wright

Very enjoyable and fun tour. They were both informative and funny and did a great job making sure we were all entertained.

Timothy Rovira

I going through Union Station to from where I what's going on you to use restroom so stop at the store got a few things in the store and I use the res.. Read more »

Steven Aguilar

Ive never been to a station that the employee's didnt complain about their job.... Every employee here always greets me with a smile, and they are ver.. Read more »

Tina Rand

There cart picked us up right out front and took us where we needed to go. The staff/crew are very friendly and accommodating.

Briars Atlas

I photographed the wedding of David and Dat, two train lovers who married on an Amtrak Pacific Surfliner carriage halfway to San Diego, and the first .. Read more »

Gennipher G. Geepers

Los Angeles Union Station is a must see if for nothing else than to say you've been there. It is a gateway, if you will, for all of the greater Los An.. Read more »

Olivier Joseph

I took the Southwest Chief train to Chicago from this station. It is a very beautiful building. The waiting room is pleasant; the signage is clear; th.. Read more »

Andy Segura Felipe

Best place to get around the city and most of California. Connects to various bus lines and all sorts of public transportation. From this location you.. Read more »

Valerie Orozco

I love Union Station! I took both the Amtrak and Metrolink to UCI for 2 years during my undergrad. Though sometimes the trains ran late or got resched.. Read more »

Julie Hsieh

Great place for sightseeing. And meet new friends and experience diverse cultures.

Fabian Raygosa

Went here to go spend the day at San Juan Capistrano. The station itself is pretty much out of a 1940's noire movie. There is a section that still pr.. Read more »

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