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★ 4.5

Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.5 / 23
Address:провулок Хорива, 1, Київ
Phone:+380 44 482 5627
Hours:monday: 10:00–18:00 tuesday: 10:00–18:00 wednesday: 10:00–18:00 thursday: 10:00–18:00 friday: 10:00–18:00 saturday: 10:00–18:00 sunday: Closed

Very well organized museum. The audio guide system is a very helpful tool that was of great use to me in the entire tour.
Museum is well maintained and equipped with automated hand held electronic tour guide. It reminds us how we destroyed mother nature. The suffering of .. Read more »
Interesting but small museum. If you have spare 1hour it is the best place to see.
Some displays had explanations in English that you can hear but some did not. They also had original artifacts and art like displays
One of the most amazing museums i have been. I strongly recommend renting an audio guide. Also there are much more original objects than the Chernobyl.. Read more »
Don't go. It's mostly documents and nothing is in English. Rewatch the last episode of the HBO show instead.Plus, they tried to double charge us compl.. Read more »
Audio-guide is good only in case if you are willing to listen the whole program from start to finish, it tells a lot of names and dates behind the cat.. Read more »
Very informative and interesting in my opinion. Get the audio device in your desired language and just dive right in! As a person that doesn't like mu.. Read more »
If you want to learn about Chernobyl check this place out. It's amazing, and heart aching. So many people suffered but so many stood up for the challe.. Read more »
So when you come to the reception you can get a device that you can just enter the number of any part of the museum and it will play an informative de.. Read more »
Always Good to see history to understand what happened to looking for future
A very informative and beautiful museum. Normally, I don't like visiting museums, because I can't tell just by looking, but here is a device for list.. Read more »
Very small (2 rooms) but full of shocking and interesting Material. For 24 you get a Ticket and for around 180 the Ticket and an audioguide. The Bad .. Read more »
The workers are so friendly and helpful and also, it was so impressive in its own way. You should definitely go and see there.
Very informative and interesting to Visit this museum a would Definetly return And spend more time here the cars outside are cool
Nice and cheap museum with lot of interesting things about Chernobyl.
Great place to visit when u r in Kyiev..
- Highly informative - Strongly recommend the audio tour - Easy to spend a good couple of hours here in the 4 large rooms - Covers every area in detai.. Read more »
First things first: it's not a museum, its a memorial. They charge you 2 times more if you want to take pictures, but honestly, there are only 3 place.. Read more »
Inexpensive, though I feel the history could be preserved better. You're able to get closer to a lot of the pieces than I am comfortable with, and the.. Read more »
Kind of toxic if you know what I mean. I went to the emergency room because my skin was glowing green but they said I'm fine but I have three days to .. Read more »
We found this museum to be very interesting to better understand what happened at the time. If you do not read Ukrainian, the audio-guide is a must. T.. Read more »
Very good! Very interesting. Electronic 'tours' available in several languages. Staff don't really understand English but you can get by. Easy enough .. Read more »
What a tragedy! I spend an hour or less in this one floor museum with almost 7000 pieces “cleaned” from Chernobyl place. I saw a kids group getting to.. Read more »
This is a very detailed, in-depth and incredibly moving place to learn about the terrible disaster that happened in 1986. We visited here prior to a t.. Read more »
A well done and comprehensive recounting of what happened at Chernobyl. The museum demonstrates great respect for victims of the tragedy while showing.. Read more »
An interesting place to learn about the accident of Chernobyl. We visited here before visiting the Nuclear Plant in Chernobyl and its neighbour city o.. Read more »
Need at least half a day to go through all exhibits and listen to audio description. It’s highly advisable to visit this museum prior to the Chernobyl.. Read more »