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Tserkva Svyatoho Arkhystratyha Mykhayila

Kalush, Ukraine
4.8 / 5
Tserkva Svyatoho Arkhystratyha Mykhayila
Address:Майдан Шептицького, 9, Калуш

Олег Павлюк

The best place is Kalush

Ярослав Чопанюк

A wonderful place to feel divine power and the grace of God. These walls are remembered by many generations of locals, but they probably still remembe.. Read more »

Ольга Свідзинська

The magnificent church of the wonderful architect Vasily Nagirny!

Ruslana Vasylyshyn

Still a little and will be super and in the middle and the yard. The re-establishment changed the church to non-recognition.

о.Андрій Березівський

The main and oldest temple of the UGCC for Kalush. In fact, a complete reconstruction. Heating is installed under the floor, so it is warm in the chur.. Read more »

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