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Trevi Fountain

Rome, Italy
4.8 / 9
The most famous Roman fountain of the XVIII century, where every guest of the city is simply obliged to throw a coin for happiness. In a week, coins are thrown in the amount of several thousand euros. All money is given to a charity fund. The sculptural composition of the fountain consists of the figure of the sea god Neptune on a chariot and its satellites. 16 architects fought for the right to work on the construction of the fountain.
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Address:Piazza di Trevi, Roma
Phone:+39 06 0608

Ted Gautsch

This is one of the most beautiful fountains I have ever seen. The area is extremely busy with pedestrian traffic so squeeze your way through the crow.. Read more »

Jhon Henry Morales

When someone who's a foodie gives a 5 star review, this better be Bobby Flay like cuisine. Listen closely, it hits the mark hands down. There's not a .. Read more »

Christine Soh

Was here in year 2019. Came early in the morning with minimal crowd which means the fountain is pretty much empty and we had it to ourselves, starts .. Read more »

Jones Beene

Yeah I know it's crowded...get over it. When you first round the corner and see how majestic and beautiful this fountain is you will soon forget about.. Read more »

Reeve Liew

Wonder attractions! Simply amazing. Nice art work and the fountain just blend in so well. For those believer, please do remember to toss a coin for so.. Read more »

Abdus Samad

One of the top places recommended if you are visiting Rome therefore it has become very crowded also. It is not that big either so it not possible to .. Read more »

David Rollo

I love Trevi Fountain. One of my favorite places in all of Rome. Due to Covid, the crowd is very small. The best view I have ever had of Fontana Trevi.. Read more »

Jan Felix

Nice place to relax but still full of people even on a pandemic, no social distancing some people still does not wear any face mask. Good to visit dur.. Read more »

David Johnson

Picturesque, tranquil and romantic, the Trevi Fountain did not disappoint. Located deep within the beating heart of the Trevi District of Rome and fl.. Read more »

Asiyah Noemi Koso

We are thrilled with the beauty of the fountain both day and night. The look of this monumental fountain leaves no one indifferent to anyone. It's jus.. Read more »

Denisa Miruna

Such a beautiful place to see in Rome ? one of the most known attractions in the city and trust me it’s worth it! The fountain has a beautiful structu.. Read more »

Adam Gyökhegyi

A beautiful sight with an amazing array of sculptures! A true gem, great spot to take a break for some ice cream. Once again, restrictions offer a str.. Read more »

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