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Tower of London

London, England
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The fortress, standing on the north bank of the Thames, is over 900 years old. The tower is known as a prison for nobles and prisoners of royal blood. From time to time he became the residence of the monarchs. At different times, the famous humanist Thomas More, the wives of Henry VIII Catherine Howard and Anna Boleyn, the “bloody” Queen Maria Tudor and many others visited the castle. Only in the middle of the 20th century did the Tower cease to function as a prison.
Tower of London
Tower of London
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Baskar Muniyandi

Wow, What an attraction this is. I was really surprised and wondered by seeing it's Infra. It was very well planned and designed. It was very well mai.. Read more »

Charley Louise

Such a beautiful place with a rich history. Would definitely recommend! Hours just pass as you go back in time. Probably not best for really small kid.. Read more »

Elliot Smith

Pretty amazing to see things when it is so quiet. You can really spend time soaking it in. Very cool. Barry the Yeoman was excellent and made our visi.. Read more »

John James

One of my favourite buildings in the country , it’s over 900 years old. Full of history. William the Conqueror created the first fortifications after .. Read more »

Farhan Parekh

The Tower of London is a 900-year-old castle and fortress in central London that is notable for housing the crown jewels and for holding many famous a.. Read more »

Lord Parker

The Tower has been in my family history since the early 1400s, my grandfathers were constables at the tower, one grandfather was beheaded there in 154.. Read more »

Jane Dunkley

A wonderful part of our heritage. Displays etc were very well laid out, no rushing along. Queues were not too bad to see the Crown Jewels although vi.. Read more »

Richard young

What an amazing place. So much history with appropriate covid 19 measures in place. The beefeaters were amazing despite no guided tours being allowed .. Read more »

Trev Nunes

Fantastic visit. My first trip as a Londoner of over 40 years! The lure of a less crowded environment tipped the balance and the family and I went. Wo.. Read more »

Fay Hamilton

Educational day out for my nephew (and us adults too)! The actors put on brilliant displays and their costumes were great! Loved seeing the crown jewe.. Read more »

Sam Sam the good man

It is a good historical landmark in London. It is a very nice location to visit if you have the time. It has some very interesting exhibits on display.. Read more »

Patryk StarFish

Great Place i was there year ago. And i spend best day. Place is big and important in British History. Like Ravens. Legend Say, That How long Ravens .. Read more »

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