Tower of London

London, England
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The fortress, standing on the north bank of the Thames, is over 900 years old. The tower is known as a prison for nobles and prisoners of royal blood. From time to time he became the residence of the monarchs. At different times, the famous humanist Thomas More, the wives of Henry VIII Catherine Howard and Anna Boleyn, the “bloody” Queen Maria Tudor and many others visited the castle. Only in the middle of the 20th century did the Tower cease to function as a prison.
Tower of London
Tower of London
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Definitely worth seeing. Take the free tour at the start with the Queen's Guard. Very informative and really makes the tour wonderful. Our guard was a riot. To see it all you need several hours. Make this a day trip to give yourself plenty of ti.. Read more »


In my opinion a must-to-see sight for every traveller who explores London. Great rooms, the tour is very informative. The queue can be sometimes very long but it's worth doing it.


Had a wonderful time seeing and experiencing centuries of history. You can spend HOURS here if you have the time. Grounds around the Tower are gorgeous. The Crown Jewels are spectacular. Definitely worth a visit.


One of my favourite tourist attractions in London. I became a member which is well worth it. Reasonably priced for a main London attraction but if you're local go for the membership. You can go to other palaces and houses in London with membership. M.. Read more »


Amazing tourist experience. I loved every minute of the museum and tour. This is a must see for everyone in the area. This was definitely my favorite castle or palace in England.


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