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Toronto Zoo

Toronto, Canada
4.7 / 41
Locals consider their zoo the best in North America (in their opinion, all the best is in Toronto). The city zoo really boasts of size and species diversity. The whole territory is divided into thematic zones, each of which has its own microclimate. Among the interesting pavilions are Mayan Ruins, African Savannah, Australian and American Pavilions.
Address:2000 Meadowvale Road, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-392-5900

It is always a great experience to take my kids to visit the zoo, whether in summer, fall or even winter. Very entertaining, educational and informati.. Read more »
The Toronto Zoo is a awesome family experience. This was our first time at the Toronto Zoo and we loved it. Besides the great exhibition... seeing m.. Read more »
Always a great experience at the zoo! Lots of parking available and transit close by. Arrived early and there was a small line that moved quickly. Lot.. Read more »
The zoo is really nice. I like the atmosphere and the husbandry methods. It is amazing and you should spend half of a day, if you wanna visit all the .. Read more »
Had a fabulous time! So hard to choose a favourite area. It was so well laid out and really a great time. We had fantastic weather, which of course he.. Read more »
Huge I mean huge zoo. Plan a day trip. Large variety of animals and species. They are famous for being the only zoo in the world that have white Afri.. Read more »
Nice zoo! Good size--can spend a half day or full day depending on how much time you want to spend at the exhibits. Everything seemed clean and well.. Read more »
Great Zoo, wide variety of animals and sites to visit. Lots to do and to see. Highly recommended if you're visiting Toronto just make sure you planned.. Read more »
The Toronto Zoo is amazing. You can tell that their first priority is the animals, and it's shown through their care and attention to detail. I went .. Read more »
The experience was okay. If there were more animals to see, it would have been better. Spent around 5 hours and walked the entire complex and just saw.. Read more »
Ensure to have an entire day free & if possible get in early to stroll around all the regions of the zoo. Ample parking space and charges are addition.. Read more »
The zoo is a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy both the animals and the natural scenery. There are so many exhibits and animals that it is hard.. Read more »
Super fun! They have such a variety of animals with big cages! Great family's, friends,field trips and more! They have food in a lot of places, pretty.. Read more »
Loved spending the day here. The layout was divided into regions which was informative and good to learn. The staff was friendly and helpful. Neat and.. Read more »
As a person who have visited zoos in "developing countries" like Vietnam and Thailand, Toronto Zoo is not even half as good. Most of the animals are .. Read more »
Amazing place to enjoy a great day or weekend with your family, with your kids or with your friends. The place is really big, My advise is to get earl.. Read more »
Zoo is always such an amazing place to go! I will recommend coming here more then once because there's always something different that happens with th.. Read more »
My kids' favorite trip destination, penguins and flamingos are always fun to watch. On weekends expect 30min+ waiting times for food. Weekdays are not.. Read more »
It's an incredible and interesting place. It's magical to see so many animals and species in such a great location. A great job by staff, and the anim.. Read more »
Love this place. Some of the animals areas were a little to small for that type of animal which I didn't like. They have a lot of land they could do m.. Read more »
We were greeted at the front gate by very friendly, helpful employees who directed is to the best route. The animals were very cooperative as they wer.. Read more »
Great zoo. Friendly staff, a great variety of animals. The enclosures are well built and maintained compared to most zoos I've visited. The public are.. Read more »
Great family outing, even with all the Cvid restrictions in place. Clean and well organized. sanitation stations well situated and distancing being fo.. Read more »
As a member, the member's preview is one of the best experiences of the zoo, as it limits capacity and allows lots of space for a good look at things... Read more »
I went to here a few times with my family and it's quite fun. A couple of years ago when I was younger, I attended a summer camp here and it was quite.. Read more »
Very nice zoo. Animals seemed very happy and not stressed as they were not scared and very social. Nobody was hiding and all animals were active with .. Read more »
I went to here a few times with my family and it's quite fun. A couple of years ago when I was younger, I attended a summer camp here and it was quite.. Read more »
With a four year older who loves animals, we have been to this place so many times. We also organized her birthday party with almost 10 families there.. Read more »
a day in nice weather to explore because it is a large area to cover. If you are traveling with kids or older folks, there is a train ride for people .. Read more »
First up, do plan to spend an entire day at the zoo to visit especially if you want to go easy on your limbs else plan way in advance. Once you book y.. Read more »
A great place to enjoy with your spouse and kids. So many friendly animals here. My kids just absolutely love the monkeys, gorillas, tiger, giraffe, p.. Read more »
Great varieties of animals.. Food, and washrooms available for many area's. Great for spend all a fun day whit the family. Not a short way. Nee.. Read more »
We visited the zoo on 27 September 2020. It was a wonderful day to spend the day with our two year old daughter. She enjoyed the ride, walking, and wa.. Read more »
Had a wonderful time at the zoo. Family went for the day and got to see most of the park. Part of it was sectioned off because of an event but still w.. Read more »
Went to the zoo for the first time in 10 years. Was nice to get outside and the zoo is taking safety measures very seriously. We went at 10am on a w.. Read more »
Felt so safe and clean! So quiet! No Anxiety because of the low numbers! Hand sanitizers everywhere! Animals active and your actually able to see them.. Read more »
I love the zoo! I've been a member 2010-14, 2020 to forever ?. It definitely pays to be a member especially if you have young kids, stroller friendly,.. Read more »
I went during covid-19 (2020 Sep 13). Their public health measures were good. All indoor facilities has a staff outside to ensure people are wearing m.. Read more »
The Zoo never disappoints and today was no exception. Only reason for the 4 star rating is due to many of the attractions not being open due to Covid.. Read more »
I think I went at a wrong time during COVID. Went last week and there wasn’t much to see. Just some animals like other zoos. Expected a little cz it’s.. Read more »
The place is so clean but the animals was so lazy this day ??
Wild tales family camping was a blast. Well staffed and organized, dinner and breakfast were nothing to write home about, but definitely acceptable. T.. Read more »