Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.6 / 16
Amusement and amusement park, one of the oldest and best in Europe. According to some tourists, Tivoli is even more interesting than Disneyland Paris. There is a concert hall in the park, which regularly hosts festivals of classical and rock music, its own hotel, pantomime theater and many expensive restaurants. Here you can ride on an old carousel, watch free street performances and enjoy the fireworks.
Tivoli Gardens
Address:Vesterbrogade 3, København V
Phone:+45 33 15 10 01
Hours:monday: 11:00–23:00 tuesday: 11:00–23:00 wednesday: 11:00–23:00 thursday: 11:00–23:00 friday: 11:00–00:00 saturday: 11:00–00:00 sunday: 11:00–23:00


We went to Tivoli the first day we went to Copenhagen. We had an absolute blast! The park was beautiful, and the lines weren’t even long. We entered the park around 6pm and we left at 11pm, every hour we enjoyed our time there. I recommend this park .. Read more »


Tivoli is an amazing amusement park for all ages. It's fun, vintage, cozy and in the heart of Copenhagen. We got an year card which is totally worth it in case your planning to stay for a longer period in the city, as the park offers many concerts an.. Read more »


I love Tivoli Gardens so much. It really is my happy place when I visit Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful city park/theme park where Walt Disney got some of his ideas for Disneyland and that legacy shows! From the amazingly beautiful gardens to the de.. Read more »


The park is beautiful to look at and the rides look fun, but with the cph pass you cannot ride any and have to pay extra. The park itself isn't that big and the rides aren't as crazy as you'd expect from an amusement park. There was a very nice lady .. Read more »


Oldest theme park with lot of options for kids. It’s located just adjacent to Copenhagen Central Station so it’s worth a visit if you have few hours to spare before an onward journey. There is a entrance fee and passes for unlimited rides are Also av.. Read more »


A lovely experience. Beautiful gardens and Eastern Asia architecture: India, China, Japan. The near by restaurants were good. I really enjoyed. Except from the boats, I did not go on any games.


This is a dream place! Everything so beautiful, the gardens are incredible. I love the fact that they have 4 different decorations during the year to match with the season... feels like 4 totally different parks... different experiences. During summ.. Read more »


The place is very nice and it has several roll coasters that are very good. I liked the airplane ride it was amazing and the best ride I tried in the park. Also, it hosts DJ parties every Friday and it always has life. You need to check working hours.. Read more »


It is a good place to just walk around, to get something to eat, try amusements or go for a concert on Fridays. It can be a good idea to arrive early for some of the more high profile Friday concerts if you want to make sure you get into the park. It.. Read more »


Really enjoyed spending one of the evenings in Tivoli Gardens. So nice atmosphere with all the lights on. We were very lucky to catch the end of the summer season - stunning firework show with synchronized lights classic music. Inside there are a lot.. Read more »


An evening visit in October... what a bonus!! Specially adorned for Halloween - and how wonderfully done. A treat for all ages. A specially laser light show over the lake set to music was an amazing addition. Even when it's not a special event you co.. Read more »


Beautiful Christmas setting. A true feast for the eyes. Lots of rides and places to eat. Quite pricey but so pretty. Great place for family's and couples and solos... Great for all. I will be coming back one day!


One of the finest places you find for everybody to have fun. It has a wide range of fun activities for everybody including families. If you're travelling alone, as a group or as a family there are plenty of activities for you. Specially if you like .. Read more »


It’s obviously a very pricey place, but on the other hand it’s one of its kind and it is situated in the very centre of Copenhagen. There are many different ways to entertain yourself there, extreme rides for thrill seekers, easy rides for the little.. Read more »


It is a small amusement park compared to so many others, but has a lot of old fashioned charm and greenery to enjoy. It is the second oldest amusement park in the entire world, opened in 1843! I don't have kids and went solo so just spent an hour or .. Read more »


The spectacular Tivoli! You must go ! Perfect for young and old so much to see and do. Go early beat the crowds. Fabulous food. Anytime of the year is a great time to go . Check website for opening times . Because it’s seasonal. Christmas and Hallowe.. Read more »


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