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Times Square

New York, USA
4.8 / 16
The area where you can feel the spirit of the city, touch its traditions and history. The place was named thanks to the newspaper The New York Times, which housed its office here back in 1904. Times Square is a territory where famous shops, movie theaters, restaurants (including the legendary Hard Rock Cafe), and music halls are located. The area is full of people 24 hours a day.
Times Square
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Karen Muñoz

You must go there if you ever come to NYC!!!!! It’s basically a law to go visit all the big screens. It’s a surreal experience. Lot’s of positive ener.. Read more »

Krista Vista

I use to love coming to Times Square. But now, there are so many homeless and EDP, it's hard to feel safe. Also, there is so much trash on the streets.. Read more »

Jones Rogers

There are already lots of great things to talk about Times Square. I would like to say a few things of note if you are planning to visit soon: Be car.. Read more »

Ryu Brim

There's nothing like Time Square. Beautiful scenery and beautiful lights at night. It's a melting pot of all different types of human being. A lot of .. Read more »

Lord Prisoner

Charging emotions! We are surprised to be in this famous square! You look around and the movement of vehicles and pedestrians is incredible (all day a.. Read more »

Drew Brown

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! These streets will inspire you. Alicia Keys describes it best. Truly a unique place to visit both during the.. Read more »

Jacob Vandenburg

So cool to finally see this place in person! I've seen on so many movies, shows, and the ball drop and it's always looked so awesome! Seeing it in pe.. Read more »

Darryl Watkins

I was thoroughly impressed with the efforts of visitors and locals having masks on and working to keep a respectable distance amongst others. In addit.. Read more »

Redovane Laafar

Times square looks different, not crowded. It is time for local to enjoy the beauty of the world most famous place. Corona appeared in our life and b.. Read more »

Matthew G

Who doesn't like times square

Eduardo Sarauz

First time visiting Times Sq. during the pandemic. In the beginning stages it was a ghost town. Now the vibe is back. N.Y.C is alive. We are breathing.. Read more »

Quinn Reynolds

More like time rectangles because the buildings are rectangles and so is the street. Geometry 1001 new york.


Liked the architect of the buildings here, energy this square creates in crowd and gives a chance to people show their artistic side. Big banners and .. Read more »

Carlos Fabian Vera

It's great place to hangout but now is to sad to death place .

Dave Smith

It's Times Square...gotta visit

Lou Hustus

Not what I expected, lot of ignorant people and very dirty


if your a tourist it is the first place you should go, One of the most famous places in NY, It is the heart of the busiest city in the world. Amazing .. Read more »

Alexis Evans

It was really beautiful place. A lot of illuminations, stores made me lively. The place was crowded but I was good because I could feel the real city... Read more »

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