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Theatre of Dionysus

Athens, Greece
4.5 / 11
The theater is located in the southeastern part of the Acropolis, it was erected in the 5th century BC, and is the oldest theater in Athens. On the stage were the works of Euripides, Aristophanes, Sophocles and Aeschylus. In the 1st century BC Under Emperor Nero, a large-scale reconstruction of the theater was carried out. The scene fell into decay by the 4th century CE. and was gradually abandoned. Today, a large-scale theater restoration project is being carried out.
Theatre of Dionysus
Address:Mitseon 25, Athina
Phone:+30 21 0322 4625

Vladimir Balaz

Elegant, well designed and well preserved example of ancient Greek theatre. Not to be missed.

Andrey Nikolaiev

Use to be amazing - about 2,500 years ago ? It's simply a set of nicely arranged stones nowadays. Some theatrical performance today would bring that h.. Read more »


The ancient theater of Dionysus is considered the oldest theater in the world. It was built at the 6th century B.C. on the east side of the south slop.. Read more »

Morten Kjærgaard

Impressive view of the old theater. Great achievement of old Athenians

Julian Phatarfod

There’s really no need for staff to be rude, especially during COVID. We know it’s a tough time for everyone and tourists are just trying to see the c.. Read more »

Julianna Wood

Its so beautiful i defiantly recommend going here but bring comfortable shoes.

Matt M

Interesting. Strongly recommend you go there with a guide.

Steve Long

Fantastic place to visit , History in a beautiful setting .

Haseeb Ali

It is located in the sight of Acropolis and Slopes in Athens. They will not allow you to go in there. You can jist visit and take pictures from a dist.. Read more »

John Chen

Great ancient let us believe that The God Age maybe was real.

suzanne costello

Went up to the acropolos and saw the theatre of Dionusus as part of the hisory that was there. very spectacular. You can buu a ticket for 30 euro whiv.. Read more »

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