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The Windmill

Nessebar, Bulgaria
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The mill is located on the isthmus connecting the Old Town and the modern part of Nessebar. The structure itself is made of wood and mounted on a stone base left from the Byzantine church. The mill is considered a symbol of the city, tourists often come here during walks. It consists of three floors: on the first store flour, on the second lived the miller's family, and on the third were millstone mechanisms.
The Windmill
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Dimitar Mollov

Very nice ?

Pavlos Chatziadam

The old windmill of Nesebar, is located on the passageway from the New Nesebar to the old town. It is a replica of the original old windmill witch was.. Read more »

Marto Zagorov

A remarkable and symbolic place for Nessebar. The windmill is a must see sight but it's inevitable to miss it since it is on your way to the Old Town.

Bobby Ruse

Interesting place in Nessebar


Bruh moment

Florin Cherbis

Old Town symbol

Bushy Alex

Nice to see,and make a couple of photos.

Pearl Xia

Gateway to the old town.

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