The Windmill

Nessebar, Bulgaria
4.6 / 5
The mill is located on the isthmus connecting the Old Town and the modern part of Nessebar. The structure itself is made of wood and mounted on a stone base left from the Byzantine church. The mill is considered a symbol of the city, tourists often come here during walks. It consists of three floors: on the first store flour, on the second lived the miller's family, and on the third were millstone mechanisms.
The Windmill
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Cute little place. Perfect for a short walk on a sunny day. Beautiful Seaview. Love it.


One of the first sites you see on your approach to old town Nessebar and it's stunning. You just have to stop and take a better look, a must stop on any excursion.


As you enter the Old Town this is the first thing you see and it sticks out, not really seeming to belong, but it's a nice sight against the water.


In a way it just remembers everyone the fact that we are still dependent on the bread that we earn with sweat and toil. Windmils takes you to the fabled Don Quijote and his monsters that ware in fact windmils and to Holland and its more famous thatan.. Read more »


Gateway to the old town.


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