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The Sherlock Holmes Museum

London, England
4.8 / 17
House-museum of the popular detective on Baker Street 221b. It was here, designed by writer Arthur Conan Doyle, that Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson, rented rooms. The building was bought by a society of admirers of this literary work. The museum opened relatively recently - in 1990. The atmosphere in the rooms is recreated, exactly in accordance with the author's description of A.K. Doyle.
The Sherlock Holmes Museum
Address:221b Baker Street, London
Phone:+44 20 7224 3688
Hours:monday: 09:30–18:00 tuesday: 09:30–18:00 wednesday: 09:30–18:00 thursday: 09:30–18:00 friday: 09:30–18:00 saturday: 09:30–18:00 sunday: 09:30–18:00

Thomas Berwick

Quite an interesting museum for a fictional character. Well done, with displays of various literary characters from the novels. I've only seen the ada.. Read more »

Jin Wook Kim

Not quite as good as some reviews try to make it. Succinctly, it is a Victorian age crime and mystery theatre with mannequins and some props. A very .. Read more »

Maksim Shymanovich

A wonderful experience - especially if you’re coming with kids or Sherlock fans. I highly recommend to watch or read the old (or ‘original’) Sherlock .. Read more »


Had a brilliant time here with my kids, and really great time walking around 221B! We then had a delicious lunch at Mrs Hudson's cafe. Just wonderful... Read more »

Murat Coruk

The museum is pleasant and has all the cute Sherlock Holmes souvenirs that you can purchase. The whole setting gives you the feel of Sherlock's home. .. Read more »

Katiuscia Deiana

Both the museum and the attached shop is interesting and full of books, music boxes and other particular things. They are perfect if you want to buy a.. Read more »

sharp wolf

Absolutely brilliant experience...must visit a lot of interesting things. privately-run museum in London, England, dedicated to the famous fictional d.. Read more »

Daniel A M

For Sherlock fans definitely must visit. Interesting how he was living and the instruments he used in his investigation. The guide is nice and you can.. Read more »

Truong Nguyen

I really like this museum. I've also read through the books on the cases solved by detective Sherlock Holmes by writer Arthur Conan Doyle. It was real.. Read more »

Coddie Collins

A very interesting ,small ,Museum. If you wish to visit a nineteen century English home this is your place. Location very good for public transportati.. Read more »

Naomi Morimoto

Just like he had lived there! I also enjoyed it’s interior and architecture itself. Some westerners say houses in Japan are very small, but his house.. Read more »

ehsan rajabi

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Chaitri Rao

The museum is pleasant and has all the cute Sherlock Holmes souvenirs that you can purchase. The whole setting gives you the feel of Sherlock's home. .. Read more »

Balázs Kádár

Famous place in London. Small shop entrace is free, the museum part need buy ticket. Design is really cool Victorian style.

Vinh Phuc

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a privately run museum in London, England, dedicated to the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It is the world'.. Read more »

George Ret

Great place for all Sherlock Holmes fans.

Annapatrizia Pellegrino

Who among us,has never read or at least heard to mention the particular way of conducting the investigations of the most famous investigator Sherlock.. Read more »

Sam Paul

Although fictional but still a great historical icon of London and a must see.

Rachel Wilson-Farrer

Could be a little cheaper for the little time it takes to look around but very interesting

Ahmed ElMashad

I just bout my Sherlock Holmes fan T-Shirt from MASHTATO and went to the Museum ?. The Museum was amazing honestly it was worth it especially if u are.. Read more »

Fox LittleRedFox

It is a wonderful experience to see a real physical home, which suppose to belong to the the fictional character. It makes Sherlock Holmes seem like .. Read more »

Yaseen Ali

Great historical place with references to the actual Sherlock Holmes. You can see the old cases and detectives that were involved with Sherlock. There.. Read more »

Ingo Knito

What an ingenious museum to explore here. Great! You get to know a lot of details about the life of Sherlock and get in touch with many small episodes.. Read more »

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