The Royal Castle

Warsaw, Poland
5 / 5
An architectural and cultural monument in the center of Warsaw, erected in the XVI-XVII centuries by the Lithuanian prince Sigismund. During the Northern War, the castle was sacked by the Swedes and gradually dilapidated. It is noteworthy that in 1829 the Russian emperor Nicholas II was married to the Polish kingdom (at that time the Commonwealth was part of the Russian Empire). The modern Royal Castle is a copy of the building blown up by the Nazis in World War II.
The Royal Castle
Address:plac Zamkowy 4, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 355 51 70
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 10:00–18:00 wednesday: 10:00–18:00 thursday: 10:00–18:00 friday: 10:00–20:00 saturday: 10:00–18:00 sunday: 11:00–18:00


Stunning Medieval castle in the Old Town of the city that has been serving as residence for a couple of important polish figures (kings). It's located on market square & easy to find. The best way to approach it could be by walk, bike or public trans.. Read more »


Chill and nice place to spend alone, couple, family. Nice architecture and gardens, also lakes. There is many rooms with lot of things to see inside palace too. Entrance usually 5 pln for the garden, and 10-20 for light show in winter time


Beautiful castle! A lot of quite interesting places to visit inside. With information in English for the visitors. Just a magnificent pice of history. And the employees are pretty friendly.


Magnificent historic castle and curently well-preserved urban area in Polish capital.


I was there in Christmas time. That was a marvelous experience. The lightning was awesome. Very nice place to visit.


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