The Powder Tower

Prague, Czech Republic
4.6 / 5
An old Gothic building right in the middle of the street near the metro station “Destroy the Republics”. In its place once stood the city gate. In the XVIII century, a powder warehouse was located here, from where the name of the structure went. Nowadays, a photo exhibition is working inside and an observation deck is open, where you can take some spectacular shots. The Powder Tower reminds tourists of the dark years of the Middle Ages with all its appearance.
The Powder Tower
Address:nám. Republiky 5, Staré Město
Phone:+420 725 847 875
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As a building which separate the old town and the new town, I find it fascinating. 1. The reason why it called The Powder Tower is because this tower used to store gunpowder. (You will know it if you visit it) 2. You can compare the old town and the.. Read more »


The Powder Tower is one of the ancient gates of Prague, and it is now on the boundaries of the old town. It used to be the storage for gunpowder, this is where its name comes from. I had no chance to climb up to its top, but I guess you can see wonde.. Read more »


We passed this giant gate a couple of time while walking around Prague. It is quite close to the Old Town area and right beside the theatre. It was quite nice to walk beside the tower just to see the details on it. It looks quite nice both during the.. Read more »


The view is quite average but it does give you a nice 360 of part of Prague. Pretty steep steps too so please take care when you walk up there. There is little cover when you are up top so take a small umbrella with you when it rain.


This impressive Gothic Structure is one of the many gates to the Old Town, and today, marks the division between the Old and New part of the city. It is called the Powder Tower because it was used to store the cities gunpowder. Its amazing how it .. Read more »


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