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The Pentagon

Washington, USA
4.4 / 47
A giant structure in the shape of a regular pentagon (in Greek - the Pentagon), which houses the US Department of Defense. This is the largest office building in the whole world, about 40 thousand employees work here with comfort. Pentagon parking is designed for several thousand cars. During the Cold War, the Pentagon was the “zero point” for Soviet nuclear missiles.
Phone:+1 703-697-1776
Hours:monday: 09:00–15:00 tuesday: 09:00–15:00 wednesday: 09:00–15:00 thursday: 09:00–15:00 friday: 09:00–15:00 saturday: Closed sunday: Closed

I was stationed at the Pentagon after 9-11 what an amazing place. It was amazing to be there for a year
I visited and they had terrible service! As soon as i entered they shot me! And they kept saying stuff like "how are you not dead" and "just die". And.. Read more »
A labyrinth of history along the walls of the Pentagon. A beautiful memorial park to 9/11.
the slot machines didn't work. The cockatoo dance lasted only for 2 mins and lets not even talk about dolphin race. I liked the food and squash was fa.. Read more »
Didn't go inside but it's a gorgeous building. Exactly how you'd think it to be. Except even more details in person. Extremely cool!
The pastrami here is to die for, service was sketchy and possibly armed. Would recommend.
visited here once, very vivid memory The Pentagon is the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense. It was constructed on an ac.. Read more »
USA army building What a glamor!! The Pentagon is the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense. It was constructed on an accel.. Read more »
I love you all we are all same blood diffrent skin colors. Please i like to serve pentagon with our fruits bouquts flowers cookies cheese cakes my edi.. Read more »
Jan Rose Kasmir confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the Anti-Vietnam War March. Arlington, Virginia, USA, 1967. Marc Rib.. Read more »
I went there with my girlfriend to try the different foods they have, and It was worth it! Admission fee was $2.50 and it's basically all you can eat,.. Read more »
We had a fabulous work environment back in the 60's and 70's
I seek transparent and clear true and honest justice so that my rights are respected like any human being since many know my real story very well but .. Read more »
they gave us everything we wanted, to start a war with our neighboring country ..... they also instructed the media to give us good PR
Everything is a bit all existence is for the bit this is a bit ur mom is bit your whole your family all your loved ones are just a bit your whole life.. Read more »
I tried getting in but was covered in olive oil so i narrowly escaped but had to ditch my clothes. I also tried to steal one of there computers for sc.. Read more »
Getting kind of run down....the floors need polishing, a new coat of paint wouldn't be bad either. I guess the maintenance budget is only a minute sl.. Read more »
Why not a hexagon?? Why not Square? Why Pentagon?! Why not Circle? Why not heptagon? Why not Octagon? Why not a Hectogon? Why not a tetrahectagon? Why.. Read more »
It’s so beautiful inside
I tried applying for a job. They kept saying stuff like, "What? NO!!" and "What are doing in my office? How did you get in here?!" and "He's covered i.. Read more »
Great place to study and implement incompetence, waste, war crimes, and human rights violations. An embarrassment of an institution.
I met my first wife there its a wonderful place..
Amazing and yet sad place where Flight 77 crashed into the base. I recommend visiting the Pentagon, it truly is a beautiful place.
I've seen it from the car window twenty-five years ago. Roughly. If my memory serves me well enough. Serviceable, minus the years of debugging. We ne.. Read more »
I hear that they are sorry? I also hear that they will do what is right?! I rode there on my pony took a feather from my hat and called it macaroni!.. Read more »
Peace Love and Harmony... everywhere!
Love how u fill out a form and no response same to 911 prior forms!
solid burritos and other authentic Mexican food though it was weird they were in cages but 4/5
there is always room for improvement, you have plenty of sources, your full resources are our officers, why don't we built a team of expert in and for.. Read more »
Great service i love the underground research center where they keep the aliens, def 5 stars
I love all of the little secrets at this place, and will love to go here again.
Loved the tour. Lots of cublcles and pasty white beaureaucrats struggling to remain awake. The highlight for me though had to be the frozen alien bo.. Read more »
Oh my god !!! I can't believe that it is in our earth but still we can't understand what happening inside this 5 faced building ... I have heard many .. Read more »
They’re reverse engineering ufo’s...
Nice place but do not run around screaming allahu akbar I tried that it didn't work out well for me
There’s a Starbucks where a robot serves coffee. I was across from a staff member named Saxophone Sunz and I asked what’s up, he’s like “none of your .. Read more »
very nice people, wouldnt let me inside
Beautiful building but also a memorial place for those who lost their lives September 11 in 2001! May they all rest in peace ?❤️?
Very emotional to be here on 9/11. And then to see the light at 9:00PM sent chills from my heart to my soul. I will NEVER forget!! ❤️
The room service is polite, but they don't really knock, the just scream, "FBI OPEN UP." Then they break down my door. The pool lifeguard handcuffed .. Read more »
love this hotel, room service was so nice, but just wondering, why did the room service uniforms say "swat?"
Not allowed to visit inside, due to week end, due to covid19 pandemic. Police politely guided to place upto which visitors allowed.
I found my incognito mode search history here
Rooms here are poorly furnished, but cozy. Room service is friendly. Only complaints are the army officers who strap me to a chair and ask me weird pe.. Read more »
OMG the sushi here is amazing. But everyone is always telling me “I can’t be there” and tackling me. I just want to eat my sushi.
Home of the brotherhood of steel and liberty prime Ad victorium!
I've taken the tour 3 times and I always see new parts of the building which is nice! The tour guides are very friendly and are happy to answer (reaso.. Read more »