The National Gallery

London, England
4.7 / 11
The largest museum in the country, where more than 2000 samples of Western European painting are exhibited, starting from the XII century. The gallery was created in 1839, since then the collection has been constantly updated. Like many similar places, it is impossible to get around the museum in one visit, you will need to return to it several times to look at all the expositions. You can also listen to audio books and lectures on art at the London Gallery.
The National Gallery
Address:Trafalgar Square, London
Phone:+44 20 7747 2885
Hours:monday: 10:00–18:00 tuesday: 10:00–18:00 wednesday: 10:00–18:00 thursday: 10:00–18:00 friday: 10:00–21:00 saturday: 10:00–18:00 sunday: 10:00–18:00


The collection, it goes without saying, is world-class. It was extremely busy when I visited on a weekday, so I came back on Friday night at the suggestion of one of the staff members, and the galleries were much less crowded. If you're looking to s.. Read more »


The National Gallery was not on my list of places to see when in London. I’m not a major art buff by any means. I’m glad I got the chance to visit the Gallery though as it was wonderful. It’s fun to see all of the art work throughout many generatio.. Read more »


Absolutely superb and varied Collection of art. The national gallery is also a wonderful building make sure to also look at the structure as you wander through. Free to enter which is amazing I've been so many times. Also had tea and cake in the cafe.. Read more »


Update. The restaurant is in the midst of a big renovation and is currently closed. (Big shout out to Mr. D. responsible for making the restaurant one of London’s greatest destinations for tea. Ask for the Assam Tea in one of their special huge Asian.. Read more »


Brilliant museum. Some of the best paintings in the world across centuries of history. The audio guide is well worth having too. Highlighted paintings on the guide have information in many languages. However, other paintings have numbers beside them .. Read more »


Completely and totally World Class. Great exhibits and displays. You CAN do the whole museum in ONE day, with out too much effort, because they have shipped most statuary and sculpture to the British Museum. Entry screening very quick (scanner), b.. Read more »


First time here and I cannot say I was blown away by its pieces of art. As a matter of fact, I liked the building very much. It's big enough and spotless clean. The staff are very friendly. There are certain pieces that must be admired but not too .. Read more »


Insanely good museum with beautiful architecture! Easy to navigate, tons of good information, and lots of beautiful art. We spent a few hours here and have visited twice. Both visits were informative and fun, so we heartily recommend stopping in e.. Read more »


Great gallery. On top of that - it`s absolutely free. Located on Trafalgar Square in a very busy area. Great place to spend a half day at and for a visit with friends or family. A lot to see and learn. Recommended.


AMAZING!!!! It's one of the best galleries I have ever seen. It's spacious, elegant, with quality decor, professional staff and amazing pieces. The café and restaurant are great too, and the views from the last floor are impressive especially if you .. Read more »


Awesome place and art exhibition, each room is very unique and lovely, they had incredible and famous masterpieces that I've never seen before. Definitely recommend going.


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