The Magic Fountain

Barcelona, Spain
4.9 / 10
The color music fountain in the square in front of the National Palace, which is located on Mount Montjuic. The fountain was built in 1929 for the World Exhibition, renovated and updated in 1992 in preparation for the Olympics. The lighting system of the structure (about 5,000 light sources in 3,600 water flows) creates interesting visual illusions during operation, which is why the fountain was nicknamed “magic”.
The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain
Address:Plaça de Carles Buïgas, 1, Barcelona


Very beautiful and spectacular show. Worth to see whenever you're in Barcelona. Beautiful music and lights together with fountain makes really good show. I recommend to come an hour before to take a good place because it's super crowded! ☺


Amazing! The fountain show was great. I would get there early (we got there 10 minutes before and it was packed) and find a spot at the top of the stairs for the best view. Definitely recommend coming here after dinner for the light show!


This is the first place you see when you get off the bus from the airport. It's a beautiful walk up the hill to the fountain. Lovely views of the city. And if you keep going up you will get to an art museum. Be aware that there are peddlers selling t.. Read more »


This place is amazing. You can see colorful dancing fountain. It's only dancing from 9 pm - 10 pm local time. Make sure you come earlier to save the best spot for enjoy the show, and to take a picture or video because it's very crowded here. Be caref.. Read more »


Great way to spend your evening. You have to go there at least 1 hour ahead so you can find a good spot with a nice view. Prefer the highest possible. Endless colors and games with the water. After the water show, you will probably enjoy a show. Many.. Read more »


This fountain is more than what I could have ever imagined! It's massive and so much more than just a simple fountain. The lights and music turn the ordinary into a show! It's free and utterly spectacular to behold. Great photo opportunity too. A ton.. Read more »


Gorgeous place! It even has electric stairs for people who don't do stairs. You must know that the best time to go is at night when the lights come on and there's a beautiful water and light show. Unfortunately the fountains were off when I went, .. Read more »


Awesome Fountain with light and sound show. The place is also famous for the new year eve celebration.


I was very amazed by the summer experience of the show by this fountain. I was so close the fountain to appreciate the jets higher and higher with energetic songs that at the end I was like caught in the rain. ☺️


Magic fountain in Barcelona If you visiting Barcelona must visit although this is the main attraction point. But beware of thief and pick pocketer .specially when there is fountain show be careful and if you park your vehicle near in the road this w.. Read more »


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