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The Magic Fountain

Barcelona, Spain
4.6 / 12
The color music fountain in the square in front of the National Palace, which is located on Mount Montjuic. The fountain was built in 1929 for the World Exhibition, renovated and updated in 1992 in preparation for the Olympics. The lighting system of the structure (about 5,000 light sources in 3,600 water flows) creates interesting visual illusions during operation, which is why the fountain was nicknamed “magic”.
The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain
Address:Plaça de Carles Buïgas, 1, Barcelona

Rúadhán Ó Deasmhúnaigh

Beautiful spot. Wide plaza surrounds the fountain with a sweeping set of steps up to a gorgeous building above. Well worth a visit. Great place to sit.. Read more »

Mike Henstridge

Visited today which is Easter Sunday and the fountain and waterfalls are worth visiting and it's all free. It was quite busy with people but still ple.. Read more »

Nithish Sirangi

Worth a visit if you’re in Barcelona. Lovely architecture of the fountain and excellent view once you get to the top floor from museum. If you like to.. Read more »

Tomás Grover

Beautiful place to visit. It presents to the visitor some peace and calm in the middle of the busy city of Barcelona. It has a lot of walking paths an.. Read more »

Patrizia Massano

I love the Magic Fountain and I miss the colorful night shows we were used to before Covid-19.

Simon Drury

Great views of Barcelona and what an impressive setting. Worth an evening visit to experience the creative mixture of water, light and music. Check th.. Read more »

Andrea O'Pray

This is the vest place ever Where you can come with your family and friends and enjoy the magic of this fountain. Offering a wonderful show with ligh.. Read more »

Rajashree Haldankar

Check the timings online for the fountain before visiting.

Deborah Sterling

A spectacular show! Great atmosphere...however very poor sound quality


Nice place to have a view of most of the city from this elevated location which gets equally complimented with a park and stepped water stream, fillin.. Read more »

Nixon White

I cannot write whole my experience here. It's beyond words. You should go there and experience it. Magic fountain is nothing compared to Dubai fountai.. Read more »

Ciprian Biclineru

Just one word: amazing! A must see in Barcelona. Music, water and light. .. and a lot of people also - but that's Barcelona

Ірина Бабак, ФГН, 3г

A very beautiful show, which attracts a large number of tourists, it is better to come early to take comfortable seats and enjoy the view. But don't .. Read more »

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