The Little Mermaid

Copenhagen, Denmark
3.8 / 5
A small sculpture in the port of Copenhagen (height - 125 cm), depicting the famous character of the fairy tale G.Kh. Andersen. The writer lived and worked in Copenhagen. The monument was created by master E. Erickson at the request of the founder of the Carlsberg beer company K. Jacobsen. It is believed that the sculptor’s wife, the famous ballerina of the Royal Theater, was the model for The Little Mermaid. Over time, the statue became a symbol of the city and all of Denmark.
The Little Mermaid
Address:Langelinie, København Ø


The little mermaid what a lot hype as being a must see place but it really isn’t much more than a tourist trap. I made the visit down in the cold of February hoping for something much for exciting than I got. The attraction is far from many other thi.. Read more »


If the weather is nice, it's an enjoyable walk to get there if you feel compelled to take a photo. But otherwise it is not very spectacular. I can only imagine that in summer she is so swarmed by tourists that she probably wishes she could dive off h.. Read more »


I made it here and was surprised at how small the mermaid was. I read up on the history of it and the mermaid is actually pretty cool. I loved it.


Wonderful touristy place you just need to see in person. Gives a good impression of the calmness that is Copenhagen!


We went first thing in the morning via Metro then bus, and arrived about 8:30 am (Aug 2019). There were half a dozen people already there - much less than we saw at noon the day before, during a canal cruise! Dad visited in 1961 so it was nice to fol.. Read more »


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