The High Line

New York, USA
4.9 / 10
Unusual square in Manhattan, which is divided into a section of an abandoned railway line. It appeared thanks to the efforts of enthusiastic architects R. Hammond and D. Joshua. They collected donations, developed a project and turned a plain place into a real oasis among the stone jungle. High Line is located at an altitude of 10 meters above the ground, in 2009 it became the second most visited city attraction.
The High Line
The High Line
The High Line
Address:New York
Phone:+1 212-500-6035
Hours:monday: 07:00–19:00 tuesday: 07:00–19:00 wednesday: 07:00–19:00 thursday: 07:00–19:00 friday: 07:00–19:00 saturday: 07:00–19:00 sunday: 07:00–19:00


Such a clever use of an otherwise abandoned place which would surely fall into disrepair. Today it is a tourist attraction, an outdoor art gallery, a place for people to meet and engage in conversation about the curious pieces, a place to take photos.. Read more »


Kudos to New York City for putting an otherwise derelict infrastructure/space to such good use. It's a great, well maintained, and much needed outdoor green space in the city. Take a leisurely walk, catch up with a friend, sit down and take a break f.. Read more »


The High Line is a wonderful concept and a beautiful park, a different urban experience. Constructed around a historic fraight Train line, this park offers beautiful views of Lower Manhattan as well as art experiences of many kinds along the way. Yo.. Read more »


This is one of the reasons New York continues to stay on top as far as being in the city. This is a park on an old railroad filled with beautiful sights, art, and simply a great place to sit and hang as well. I love this place so much because you can.. Read more »


Hard to believe something like this actually exists in New York City. It's just 1-2 stories above the ground but some pretty cool views of Chelsea open up from there. There might be some people, especially on weekend, but overall it's not very crowde.. Read more »


Great place to take a walk and get above sidewalk level. Also get to see life from above. It was clean, well maintained. Best of all is free! See some great mural art and paintings shopping the way. Not a long distance at all to walk. Highly recommen.. Read more »


Very unknown place of New York. Well people know about this but it should be one of the obligations when you visit New York. I met some locals who never knew about this place. So I recommend it at 100%. Recommendations. Start at the vessel attractio.. Read more »


I’ve been going to the high line basically my whole entire life and I’ve watched it change so much (in a good way). Though it is a bit crowded lately it’s still just a great place to stroll if you’re looking for something to do!


One of my favorite places in NYC. Grab lunch from Chelsea Market--the sandwich counter and a few raw oysters from the Lobster Place is my personal favorite--and head up here to people watch and city soak. It can be (too) busy at times, so pick when t.. Read more »


It’s amazing to have this oasis streaming along from the West Village to Hudson Yards. It’s pretty quiet before 8am. It opens at 7am. By 9am it’s pretty busy and by midday it’s packed. Mostly tourists.


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