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The High Line

New York, USA
4.8 / 24
Unusual square in Manhattan, which is divided into a section of an abandoned railway line. It appeared thanks to the efforts of enthusiastic architects R. Hammond and D. Joshua. They collected donations, developed a project and turned a plain place into a real oasis among the stone jungle. High Line is located at an altitude of 10 meters above the ground, in 2009 it became the second most visited city attraction.
Address:New York
Phone:+1 212-500-6035
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The High Line is a must when you visit New York City. It's a park/walkway on an elevated rail line. You can walk through the park/gardens anytime, it .. Read more »
I would like to rate this place 5 stars. I did really enjoy visiting the high line. From the start to the end lasted about 20-25 minutes walk. It's a .. Read more »
This place is wonderful. Inspired, and free to walk across. It is an oasis of calm above a very bustling city. We entered it at the end where the v.. Read more »
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Highly recommended to anyone visiting new York to find time to go on the high line. It's just so unique offering a cut right at the hub of the city. L.. Read more »
Excellent! I wasn't sure I wanted to go when my wife told me about it but I'm so glad we did! Gorgeous views, great walk after eating a big breakfast .. Read more »
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Love walking the high line every time I’m in NYC! Converting an old railroad line into a park was one of the most incredible and imaginative projects... Read more »
Three different locals suggested we visit this place and it definitely did not disappoint. Very cool place. Old subway tracks converted into a public .. Read more »
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Hadn't been to the High Line for quite a while, but it is still as lovely as ever. And the experience in the early evening was really wonderful. My hu.. Read more »
The High Line in Chelsea was one of the highlights of our trip! We walked it in the evening, enjoying the native plantings, families out and about, a.. Read more »
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This is one of the most interesting places to visit in NYC, it’s getting more beautiful as time goes by. Areas where plants were just left to grow on .. Read more »
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This path is so beautiful and well maintained. We visited on a Monday morning - maybe 11 am. It was not crowded as I picture it might be on a weekend... Read more »
Very unique, nature-like experience in the most unlikely of places. Definitely a must-do if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of nearly ever.. Read more »
Great walk, they had a few local artists and vendors along this walk. It’s proximity to the whitey art museum makes it a great stop to see both! This .. Read more »
Excellent park installation that is unusually quiet considering its location. I would recommend entering from Hudson Yards and walking down and exitin.. Read more »
This was kind of the first thing I did in NYC and I wasn't expecting much, because I'd never heard of it, but it blew me away with the concept; an old.. Read more »
The high line is a really interesting and fun walk on the West Side of NYC. As an avid train fan I find it fascinating that the walk used to be train .. Read more »
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Great place to take a stroll with friends. Lots of interesting architecture--much of it contemporary--along the route. Lots of young couples, some w.. Read more »
When the sun's out, there’s nothing quite like taking a walk on the High Line. NYC’s elevated park is certainly one of more popular New York attractio.. Read more »
My favorite vantage point for an impressive view of the surroundings of New York City. What more could an abandoned railway line become but a sightsee.. Read more »
I love The High Line. Great views of the city, unique spot in NYC on Manhattan's west side. My sister and I walked this during a rainy afternoon in Ma.. Read more »
beautiful park with a lot of fun things to see and do--museums, gardens, trails, carousel, and play areas for children. it's a great place in the midd.. Read more »
If you want the opportunity to have quiet, just you and nature and art. This is the place to spend an afternoon... perfect!
Nice place to walk ?? You have to make reservation before arrive there. It is free. You there are enter and exit stairs and you have about 1 hour. Gre.. Read more »
Wow, I have never appreciated the High Line more than now. 2020 has made outdoor spaces like this invaluable. The juxtaposition of the natural element.. Read more »
Perfection. We had such a blast and were treated so kindly. The staff was absolutely courteous and helpful. The rooms were greatness. We had such a be.. Read more »
BEAUTIFUL views. I love how the city left the above-ground subway track in place. It's a pretty boardwalk with plenty of space that stretches alongsid.. Read more »
Great quirky park. As you might expect, a thin strip of greenery running north-south. The landscaping and decorative designs are very interesting. .. Read more »