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★ 4.8

The Getty

Los Angeles, USA
4.8 / 36
Address:1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 310-440-7300
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 10:00–17:30 wednesday: 10:00–17:30 thursday: 10:00–17:30 friday: 10:00–17:30 saturday: 10:00–21:00 sunday: 10:00–17:30

Dut Kasilag

BEST MUSEUM in the West Coast!!! The collection and architecture are absolutely TOP NOTCH and WORLD CLASS!!! When you’re visiting Los Angeles, skip .. Read more »

Lei Tan

The Getty Center itself is a master art piece. The architecture is amazingly beautiful! The open-space and open air terrace is so pleasant and you get.. Read more »

Paul Whitacre

Everything here is impressive. We went on a Wednesday and it was not very crowded. Very good collection of art and the gardens are beautiful. The view.. Read more »

Steven Sek

The Getty is an amazing place to visit! It has beautiful architecture, and the loveliest garden. The tram ride was so cool and had beautiful views. Bo.. Read more »

Not John

My girlfriend and I consider ourselves incredibly lucky to live in Southern California, as there are so many amazing hiking trails, breathtaking vista.. Read more »

P Plizzy

The Getty is a life experience every time I come here. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the city this beautiful edifice to art and culture shines as a.. Read more »

Cigal Shaham

Lots to do indoors and out. Gorgeous views of Los Angeles. Amazing paintings, photography, and sculpture. Beautiful architecture. Unique, gorgeous gar.. Read more »

Lexi S

Words can’t even describe the feeling this place will give you, i am absolutely speechless and amazing by how beautiful it is here. When you first wa.. Read more »

Sam Schmidt

Pretty and interesting art museum. You can easily dedicate a whole day to exploring, though we opted for a shorter stay. It would be nice if it were e.. Read more »

Nada Ismaiel

Stunning artwork! Well organized facility! The garden and grounds was stunning! So well-maintained! There is a cafeteria and cafe! We spent 4 hours th.. Read more »

* dnainsb

Please put this on your bucket list! This is one of the most fabulous pieces of property and museum that I have seen in my lifetime. Their displays fr.. Read more »

Vib Mehrotra

The Getty is an art museum where you get to see various paintings and sculptures. It is a great place to visit with family. Below are some tips: * Wh.. Read more »

David Adams

This was my second visit; the first was many years ago. It's kind of a drive for us but it's wonderful that admission is free and that there's a shutt.. Read more »

Wendy Garcia

I love this museum. Whenever I visit my friend in LA, I don't leave the city without visiting this museum. I've been here several times but each time .. Read more »

Hanchi Zhang

Really brilliant. The most special museum I have ever seen. The buildings are not quite interconnected. You need to pass the square from one building .. Read more »

Colin Perucco

I cannot rave enough about how amazing this place was. The architecture, fountains, gardens, and (of course) the museum all coalesce to create an amaz.. Read more »

Joan Wang

Great to be at the Getty again, awesome views, great art-classic to contemporary, and wonderful weather. One minor glitch, the tram broke down when it.. Read more »

Dzmitry Mik

The most outstanding place of Art collection. I am really impressed by the location, architectural concept of the structure, uniqueness of Arts. It is.. Read more »


It is much better than my expectation. All the art works have a very well explained description next to it, which is a lot of help to understand the .. Read more »

Lu Ann DeRing

The Getty Center, Art Museum is open again, May 24, 2021. Reservations are required because of Covid 19 limited capacity requirements. This is a beau.. Read more »

Mason Scholes

The Getty is beautiful and honestly a lot of fun! I love the view but so is the art! I could get lost here for hours! It is definitely worth your time.. Read more »

Andrew Payne

Back in December of 2010 my partner and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Getty Center. I still have photos from that trip to share below... Read more »

darvid warner

A need to see within the place. the whole lot about this museum and complicated is nicely thought out and strikingly beautiful. Get there early, due t.. Read more »

Noelle Calderon

So this place is amazing. They serve alcohol as long as you are outside the museum. If you really enjoy art you will love it. Great for dates or going.. Read more »

Boyd Branson

This place was fun but you can do most everything in one go. Seeing the animals was cool and some of the more interactive exhibits where interesting b.. Read more »

William Heldt

Fun time making memories here with my family. Free admission! Just be sure to reserve your tickets prior to arrival or you'll be in line waiting your .. Read more »

Kay Hooshmand

We always have fun at the Getty, esp during their August family concerts. I have brought my daughter every year since she’s been born and we have the .. Read more »

Natalie Wright

The architecture, garden, and grounds are beautiful, and that is just the beginning. Once you enter the museum, the amount of spectacular paintings, s.. Read more »

Lance Mendoza

Amazing museum filled with great pieces. Very photogenic place with a great view of Los Angeles. Not a big fan of the parking though due to it being a.. Read more »

Virgilio Skinner

It is one of a kind, amazing museums containing beautiful art exhibits from different parts of the world, and the buildings have a really nice design .. Read more »

Mohammad Qutaishat

Must See in Los Angeles It is one of a kind, amazing museums containing beautiful art exhibits from different parts of the world, and the buildings ha.. Read more »

Annalise Fishberg

The most beautiful museum. The land and architecture is very impressive. Each idea is carefully thought through and creates a really nice experience f.. Read more »

Francesco Lucchetta

Incredible place, situated on a hill with a magnificent view of the city and the ocean. The bright and sophisticated architecture welcomes the visitor.. Read more »

Ken Bauman

Such a beautiful museum filled with beautiful exhibits and the most stunning grounds. An absolute must if you are visiting the city. The view is incre.. Read more »

Steve X

We went here for the Jim Henson exhibit a few months back. It was really really cool. Lots to see at this museum. Easy 1/2 day trip, and inexpensiv.. Read more »

Leo Rubeiz de Lima

This is a full of world-class art museum, beautiful gardens, and cool modern architecture. Great views across the city and great architecture. The mus.. Read more »

Stephenie LeJeune

Lovely place to relax and walk around. The only down fall is the modern art, but hey we can't all have the same taste. The lay out is slightly confusi.. Read more »

Eliza Borjet

It's that time of year for gift exchanges, white elephant parties and reddit secret santa. There's not many places that can beat this for some truly u.. Read more »

Stuart Black

Probably the best of the botanical gardens in LA area. Plants and trees were well maintained, everything pretty green even in dead of summer. Kids lov.. Read more »

Ankitt Patel

If admiring diverse art collections is a favourite hobby of yours, look no further than The Getty Center, is a beautiful building comprising 1.2 milli.. Read more »

Jakob Heyde

We went to this place because of a recommendation from a friend. It was absolutely worthwhile to spend the afternoon there. After 3 pm the parking fe.. Read more »