The Field Museum

Chicago, USA
4.6 / 5
Museum complex on the shores of Lake Michigan, which houses collections dedicated to the natural history of the planet. The exposition totals about 20 million copies, so even a cursory inspection will take several days. The space of the museum is divided into thematic sections: anthropology, geology, zoology. A valuable relic of the Field Museum is the largest surviving skeleton of a tyrannosaurus.
The Field Museum
Address:1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Phone:+1 312-922-9410
Hours:monday: 09:00–17:00 tuesday: 09:00–17:00 wednesday: 09:00–17:00 thursday: 09:00–17:00 friday: 09:00–17:00 saturday: 09:00–17:00 sunday: 09:00–17:00

Cory Cramer

Easily the best museum I've ever been to. When I went in July of 2019, the Field Museum had an amazing exhibit about ancient Chinese history, which ha.. Read more »

Colleen Troy

A rich collection of very well built displays and fascinating fossils and artifacts. I was surprised to find that my favorite exhibit was the Native .. Read more »

Saurabha Deshpande

Loved the place. Must visit place in Chicago. Field museum has some great pieces of history and lot of stuff related to dinosaurs. Its really amazing.. Read more »


The field museum is a huge nature-historic museum. I spent there 3 hours Sunday morning, and didn't even get to see all! It's a huge museum and mostly.. Read more »

Kuro Chan

They have various exhibitions. Very interactive, family-friendly. I love they have a rest spot and many vending machines which can be very helpful in .. Read more »


Can't find the food ! At last, .....

Carlos De Sa Garcia

I visited this Museum approximately two weeks ago, and my experience was amazing. There’s a lot of interesting things in there to look at from Dinosau.. Read more »

Walla Malkawi

Very nice place, i was so glade to made the decision of visiting it


I love this place. It’s full of interesting exhibits some new and some old. I’ve been visiting this museum for over 30 years and have to say there’s a.. Read more »

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