The Field Museum

Chicago, USA
4.7 / 13
Museum complex on the shores of Lake Michigan, which houses collections dedicated to the natural history of the planet. The exposition totals about 20 million copies, so even a cursory inspection will take several days. The space of the museum is divided into thematic sections: anthropology, geology, zoology. A valuable relic of the Field Museum is the largest surviving skeleton of a tyrannosaurus.
The Field Museum
Address:1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Phone:+1 312-922-9410
Hours:monday: 09:00–17:00 tuesday: 09:00–17:00 wednesday: 09:00–17:00 thursday: 09:00–17:00 friday: 09:00–17:00 saturday: 09:00–17:00 sunday: 09:00–17:00


I have been to several museums in different cities and in different countries and this is one of my favorites. I had visited this museum as a kid and hardly remembered it. I recently had the chance to revisit with my own kids and thoroughly enjoyed .. Read more »


Great value on a City Pass! My favorite Chicago museum. If you love science, insects, dinosaurs, history - this is the place. It’s a beautiful building inside and out. And such a great location right on the museum campus. Take a whole day for EACH mu.. Read more »


I love anytime I can spend in a museum. We have made the trip to go here a number of times from Michigan to Chicago. To place is very kid friendly, even to those that our kids at heart. The exhibits never disappoint on quality or information. The add.. Read more »


One of the great natural history museums of the world. My favorite exhibit is the Evolving Planet, an incredible journey through time. It’s sobering to walk through the five global extinction events, and then to come to the end of the exhibit and rea.. Read more »


I have to give the dinosaur exhibit top marks. The recreations are spectacular, the fossils great and the whole exhibit is designed to view and theorize about what once was. Despite offering answers, it also poses many questions. Many exhibits, and a.. Read more »


They really thought about this museum. It’s very interactive and interesting. The T-Rex was pretty cool. It took us several hours to walk around. The videos were well made. And I really liked the animated ones. They had games and they were very fun. .. Read more »


Excellent. While there are probably things that could be updated, there isn't a reason to since it is a HISTORY museum. Fantastic displays and excellent cognitive progression from one subject to another. There is a flow to the place. You just have t.. Read more »


So great! I loved getting to see Sue and learning about the evolution of our planet. There are constantly new 3D movies and specialty exhibits to see as well. We saw the National Geographic best photos of the year exhibit, it was very moving. It is a.. Read more »


The best place to go for young and old alike! Easy access for people with disabilities, including readily available parking and entry. I went with my daughter and my 5 yr old granddaughter. No matter where we were in the museum, we were all highly i.. Read more »


This is a wonderful natural history museum. I loved the Sue T. Rex exhibit as well as the huge dinosaur in the lobby. The rest of the dinosaur exhibits were also great. There are also huge bird and mammal galleries where you could spend more than an .. Read more »


This museum has a lot of interesting stuff, plenty to see and do, and a well-rounded collection that the whole family can enjoy. The only flaw that I see is that some aspects of the museum are a little bit dated, and it is not very clean. They also d.. Read more »


Now it is a fun place with cool and interesting exhibits, but my latest experience made me not want to go back. There is an eating area in the basement, and it is extremely dirty. I lost my appetite. That, said they make it impossible for you to brin.. Read more »


Great place to spend the day and relax. All the displays are beautiful and very informal. I could spend hours on hours there just reading through the displays. If you don’t get want an escape from the busy commute of Chicago spend your day there and .. Read more »


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