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The Field Museum

Chicago, USA
4.8 / 17
Museum complex on the shores of Lake Michigan, which houses collections dedicated to the natural history of the planet. The exposition totals about 20 million copies, so even a cursory inspection will take several days. The space of the museum is divided into thematic sections: anthropology, geology, zoology. A valuable relic of the Field Museum is the largest surviving skeleton of a tyrannosaurus.
The Field Museum
Address:1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Phone:+1 312-922-9410
Hours:monday: 09:00–17:00 tuesday: 09:00–17:00 wednesday: 09:00–17:00 thursday: 09:00–17:00 friday: 09:00–17:00 saturday: 09:00–17:00 sunday: 09:00–17:00

Andres Pinto

Great for spending a day off, great for showing friends visiting from out of town, great for taking dates. This building is one of the last 2 remainin.. Read more »

Greg Catcott

Iconic! Amazing educational experience. Every exhibit exudes a professional artistic vibe while staying true to the science. I wish I lived close eno.. Read more »

Collin Kimball

This had some pretty cool stuff in it. Mummies, dinosaurs and a lot of history from Africa's to south America to some of the native tribes up in Alask.. Read more »

Cassie Kench

We had a library pass for some of our group but the customer service person waived the rest of our fees & we had a blast! Ancient Egypt & Dinosaurs we.. Read more »

Victoria Hart

Definitely plan to spend the whole day here! My husband and I explored for four and a half hours and it still wasn't enough to see everything! We love.. Read more »

JK 47

Had a great time. My wife and I drove down from Milwaukee for a day in Chicago. We just got the general admission with no extras. We spent a good 3 ho.. Read more »

A day in life with Pilarr

This place is massive. So much to look at. Felt like I was in a maze lol. So well organized. So informative. I literally loved this place. I look forw.. Read more »

elliot velez

The Field Museum is one of the coolest museums in Chicago. You can spend literally 4 to 5 hours here looking at all the exhibits. If you do not want t.. Read more »

Da-Wang Wu

Highly recommended to visitors coming to Chicago! My favorite parts are the dinosaurs and the ancient Americas. Sue (the T-Rex) is a must-see. The anc.. Read more »

Trav Matthew

One of the best and most interesting museums that I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. This place is massive and the collection is huge! You could .. Read more »

Z Houghtelin

Museums of natural history are always remarkable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, they answered all of our questions with a big smile. Sue th.. Read more »

Cory Cramer

Easily the best museum I've ever been to. When I went in July of 2019, the Field Museum had an amazing exhibit about ancient Chinese history, which ha.. Read more »

Colleen Troy

A rich collection of very well built displays and fascinating fossils and artifacts. I was surprised to find that my favorite exhibit was the Native .. Read more »

Saurabha Deshpande

Loved the place. Must visit place in Chicago. Field museum has some great pieces of history and lot of stuff related to dinosaurs. Its really amazing.. Read more »


The field museum is a huge nature-historic museum. I spent there 3 hours Sunday morning, and didn't even get to see all! It's a huge museum and mostly.. Read more »

Kuro Chan

They have various exhibitions. Very interactive, family-friendly. I love they have a rest spot and many vending machines which can be very helpful in .. Read more »

Todd Nadenichek

Best museum we've been to under Covid restrictions.


Can't find the food ! At last, .....

Carlos De Sa Garcia

I visited this Museum approximately two weeks ago, and my experience was amazing. There’s a lot of interesting things in there to look at from Dinosau.. Read more »

Walla Malkawi

Very nice place, i was so glade to made the decision of visiting it


I love this place. It’s full of interesting exhibits some new and some old. I’ve been visiting this museum for over 30 years and have to say there’s a.. Read more »

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