The Coral Temple

Bucharest, Romania
4.5 / 6
The Coral Temple
Address:Strada Sfânta Vineri 9, București
Phone:+40 21 315 2535


Exceptionally beautiful synagogue that has survived the tumultuous, horrific history of Romania in the 20th century. If you're fortunate, you may hear this history from the extremely engaging young man who works there (you'll know it's him if he talk.. Read more »


It looks very interesting but I didn't go inside. It costs 15 lei (about £3) if one wants to see the interior of this temple. It is not expensive, but all the churches I have visited in Romania as well as in other European countries are free of char.. Read more »


Nice synagoge. I’m not a specialist. I did find it nice to be able to wander around and have a look at a well tended to temple.


A huge synagogue and one of the most magnificent I have ever seen. The entrance costs about 10 Leitz Worth getting in and impressed with the special structure. There are explanations in different languages by a very talented guy who knows how to rend.. Read more »


Naomi the tour guide gave informative and interesting history of the synagogue . She spoke in fluent English which was beneficial to us. I would add this to the"Must See" list.


I'd like to explain the issue about the entrance fee, and rebut those who mentioned that all other places of worship in Europe are free of charge: 1. Despite the common perception, the synagogue does not discriminate anyone from accessing; there ma.. Read more »


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