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The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

New York, USA
5 / 5
The temple is located in Manhattan and is the fourth largest Christian cathedral in the world. Refers to the Protestant church. The fundraising committee for construction in 1925 was headed by the future US president F. Roosevelt. The temple was opened in 1941, but construction continued anyway. The cathedral covers an area of two football fields and can simultaneously accommodate five thousand people.
The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
Address:1047 Amsterdam Avenue, New York
Phone:+1 212-316-7540
Hours:monday: 07:30–18:00 tuesday: 07:30–18:00 wednesday: 07:30–18:00 thursday: 07:30–18:00 friday: 07:30–18:00 saturday: 07:30–18:00 sunday: 07:30–18:00

Pat Finnegan

The Cathedral and grounds are deserving of a visit. And there's an albino peacock living in the Garden! The signage is excellent but the lighting is t.. Read more »

Elyssa Yambao

Great architecture! This cathedral is huge, rocket high ceiling, very well maintained. We just visited and prayed. Mass schedule are posted once you e.. Read more »


Just to get the facts right, no it's not "the largest" but one of the largest churches in the world. And yes if they ever managed to finish it as plan.. Read more »

Georgia Hensley

A very sobering experience. I loved visiting here right here in NYC. A lovely place to see. Its built beautifully and im glad we came.

Julissa Fermin

It was beautiful! Very nice place to visit and take amazing photos of. Staff was attentive and friendly. The entrance fee was only 5.00, due to COVID... Read more »

Jeanne Phillips

A beautiful building! Plan on taking some time when visiting. Take in all the detail of the artwork. Free to come in and worship but they will hit you.. Read more »

Damion Jackson

went there for work but otherwise is you're a tourist or from out of town check it out

Jonathan Citron

A special place....

Mac A

My review is solely based on the aesthetic of the cathedral because I haven’t attended a mass here, yet. With that said, though, I really enjoyed the .. Read more »

Ryan Travers

Just art and old school

John Chen

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is the world's fourth largest cathedral, the world's largest Christian Church, also is the world's most beautiful.. Read more »

Philip Koch

The largest church on Earth. One must go inside during the day when you can see the massive structure of this place. So many separate rooms on the sid.. Read more »

Stephen Pile

The architecture of this church is amazing. It's actually multiple chapels inside this great cathedral It's amazing the effort taken to build this. T.. Read more »

Jay Bee

Wonderful landmark! I had a great tour about ANGELS and the guide is called Thomas, a very coop man with a mind full of great information that you wi.. Read more »

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