The Bridge Of Peace

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.8 / 5
A modern bridge over the Cura River, built in 2010 according to the project of Italian architect M. de Luca and lighting designer F. Martin. The construction connects the old and new parts of Tbilisi, symbolizing the transition from a glorious past to a promising future. The bridge is 156 meters long and about 5 meters wide. The construction is made in the style of "high-tech". The bridge is equipped with a powerful illumination system and is covered with a glass dome resembling a fishing net.
The Bridge Of Peace
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Sasama Rodjanaphinun

We had a wonderful experience crossing the bridge since the rainbow appears before us and groups of teenager cheerfully approaching us to join the boa.. Read more »

Roozbeh Rahiminejat

It has nice atmosphere especially in the night


Very nice bridge in old tbilisi

R. Nuernberg

A daring design. In my opinion wonderful, beautify a city.


Beautiful bridge, taking pic and enjoying the river view... I love how close this bridge to many top attraction in the city...

Alma Ama

My favorite time to visit this bridge is in the warm season at night when all the lights are on and you can appreciate a beautiful view of the city an.. Read more »

lizzi g

A beautiful bridge right across the freedom square which connects the two best touristic attractions. On one side of the peace bridge you have the sh.. Read more »

Christine Godfrey

Went on a walking tour which included the Bridge of Peace. Very busy during the day but we went back after night fall when there were fewer people aro.. Read more »

Mad Titan (Memetitan)

Nice bridge I guess, but that's pretty much it.

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