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The Arch Of Triumph

Bucharest, Romania
4.3 / 16
The monument was installed on the Kiseleva highway in the first half of the 20th century. Until 1922 there was a wooden analogue of the monument. The Arc de Triomphe of Bucharest looks great like the Parisian one, but is not its full counterpart. The monument was built in honor of the defenders of the independence of Romania, a group of prominent Romanian architects: D. Pachuria, P. Antonescu, A. Kalinescu and others worked on the project.
The Arch Of Triumph
Address:Piața Arcul de Triumf, București
Phone:+40 787 584 104
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

Aurora Bertona

A granite triumph arc just outside the city centre, but easily accessible by the bus service. You can climb up (it is free of charge!) to admire a bea.. Read more »

Laura Moise

A fantastic place, which reveals also its history through images and stories as you go upstairs to the top. From above you can see the tallest points .. Read more »

Romulus C

It's definately worth a visit. A lot of history related to the kingdom of Romania with a nice exhibit on the inside. There is one place with lots of p.. Read more »

Robyn Popescu

Beautiful Historical Monument in Romania, completed in September 1936 to celebrate Romania ??Victory in World War 1. The Arch is 88.7 Feet Tall ( 27 M.. Read more »

yed ben

המצפה סגור בדרך כלל. The observatory above the Victory Gate, Overlooking the surrounding landscape, Does not allow entry through it, And usually clos.. Read more »

Lex Universe

Arcul de Triumf in Romanian, like in many other cities raised from the roman origin, also Bucharest has its own Triumph Arch. You find it in the north.. Read more »

Nicolae Cristian Badescu

One of the iconic places of Bucharest and Romania, glorifying the most important historical moments of the country. Close to Herăstrău Park (the bigge.. Read more »

Cătălin Lenţa

It's a monument, what to say? Ok, it's big, maybe nice, remembering the history.. And impossible to approach, it's in the middle o a crowded road

Anil Khuwaja

Historical place of bucharest.

Ion Ionita

Good point to start your journey in the Herastrau Park and the Kiseleff neighborhood. The landmark can be visited and on national holidays entrance is.. Read more »

Freight Legend

An old dusty relic of a time long past. Another sad totem glorifying the death of many for the sake of a chosen few. In itself the building is useless.. Read more »

Greenstone Maker

It's one of the most beautiful spots in Romania, well at least for those who like historic monuments that signify glory.

Serge Lebedyansky

Looks cool but not friendly to walkers. A lots of cars around. Never had a chance to access it by foot.

A.K. Young

We found our Portugese family on this spectacular monument. It is a bit iconic for tourist and worth the visit. Go up top so you can get some great vi.. Read more »

Denes Ioana

A very beautiful location. You can get on top of it FOR FREE and benefit from a spectacular view over Bucharest. They organise a lot of events too and.. Read more »

Robert Pecsi

The monument, built according to the French model, is every year, on December 1, the main stage for the military parade organized in Bucharest. The st.. Read more »

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