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Temple White Lotus

Cherkasy, Ukraine
4.6 / 5
Temple White Lotus
Temple White Lotus
Address:узвіз Івана Франка, 4, Черкаси
Phone:+380 472 379 207

beklem25 _

It's great history home, close Dnieper , beautiful architecture

Сергій Горбенко

Very nice place :) It's beautiful and meditative. It's real Buddhist school. Students have to help the temple by doing day to day job in that place. I.. Read more »

Alex D

They do guided tours at specific times over weekend

Mykola Morhunenko

Very unique and beautiful place, o have never seen something similar before

Dmytro Humennyi

It is a rial strange place. The local guys looks like a members of the sport-orient sect.

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