Temple of Olympian Zeus

Athens, Greece
4.4 / 5
The grandiose construction of the temple began in the VI century BC. under the tyrant Pisistratus, but after his overthrow, the building stood unfinished for another six centuries. The work was completed under the Roman emperor Hadrian. In the 3rd century A.D. during the looting of Athens, the temple was seriously damaged, and in the 5th century it was completely closed by order of Theodosius II. The final destruction of the Temple of Olympian Zeus occurred with the decline of the Byzantine Empire. The remains of the building were discovered during excavations of the XIX century.
Temple of Olympian Zeus


Worth a look for the historical and cultural heritage aspect. Thought the surrounding area could have been better maintained. Understand that history needs be preserved but thought the 8Eu entry fee a bit much for an up close look.


Spectacular but busy (very busy) and whilst the trek to it isn't particularly difficult in itself, it is made so by the crowds and sketchy marble flagstones which are quite polished. Don't expect to get a view without hundreds of other tourists aroun.. Read more »


Simple structure yet such a powerful history behind it. One of the best and most photographed place. You could spend hours here. And the icing on the cake is when you are welcomed by RAIN!


The Temple of Olympian Zeus was actually built by the Romans in an attempt to gain favour with the Greeks they had just taken over. This was their attempt to show an appreciation for the Greeks and their culture and history. The Romans had such a res.. Read more »


Incredible, what a masterpiece!


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