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Temple of Olympian Zeus

Athens, Greece
4.2 / 13
The grandiose construction of the temple began in the VI century BC. under the tyrant Pisistratus, but after his overthrow, the building stood unfinished for another six centuries. The work was completed under the Roman emperor Hadrian. In the 3rd century A.D. during the looting of Athens, the temple was seriously damaged, and in the 5th century it was completely closed by order of Theodosius II. The final destruction of the Temple of Olympian Zeus occurred with the decline of the Byzantine Empire. The remains of the building were discovered during excavations of the XIX century.
Temple of Olympian Zeus


A lovely place to visit, impressive to see the columns which are even higher than the Parthenon columns. Recommended to do when in Athens! Note that t.. Read more »

Mohammad Syed

Managed to get in here for free over the weekend. It is well worth a visit although there is not lots left of the temple. The size of the columns thou.. Read more »

Jayde Müller

Very pretty but honestly once you’ve been up to acropolis this seems like nothing special

Kishen Patel

Simply majestic! Although 8€ to enter was quite expensive considering there is nothing else to see at this place. No audio guides etc...

Mansoor Munawar

As many of Athens archaeological sites this is pretty cool however don't expect to be swept of your feet - the whole thing took me and my partner no m.. Read more »

khaled diab

In the middle of the city, suddenly appears a very magestic open field.

Eileen Weed

Actually, I only saw it from afar while standing near to Hadrian's Arch. It was part of the free "Rick Steves Athens City Walk" audio which I was list.. Read more »


The ticket is 4 euros for student. Well I guess this place should be for free because there is nothing big to see. But it still awesome


Don't bother to pay for this. You can see it from outside the fence perfectly fine and there's no guide nor plaque to explain anything. You're just se.. Read more »

Lena Thimm

Massive entrance gate and impressive ruins in a wide open square. Everything you need to see, you can see from the outside unless you are interested i.. Read more »

John Chen

I love Athens either ancients or Greek culture. They are amazing things to find Gods world.

suzanne costello

This was right beside our hotel so great to see it so close. Incredible to see such old historical mixed with modern day

George Papadopoulos

A small set of monuments, but worth the time if you can. You can only wonder how magnificent it was in its time.

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