Temple of Hephaestus

Athens, Greece
4.9 / 10
Temple of Hephaestus


Definitely a must see. Probably the most intact temple I've seen all across Greece. Also Hephaestus was the grunt of the gods putting in the real work. So you have to come to appreciate the guy. He freaking crafted Zeus's lightning bolt after all.


Amazing temple with low number of tourists even on a Sunday. Would recommend researching about the temple before hand. There's a nice museum/exhibition of several artifacts as well. Price of entry is 8 Euros, you can skip the line if you buy them onl.. Read more »


Beautifully preserved temple of Hephaestus. Unlike other temples that had to be restored by archaeologists, this one remained as built. Amazing piece of history. You can walk around it fairly close. It's a shame you can't go inside, but understandabl.. Read more »


This was amazing. The Temple of Hephaestus is a smaller version of the Parthenon but much better preserved. In addition it’s nestled within a pretty large area of ruins of the area of the town that surrounds it. The restored Agora is here as well. Th.. Read more »


Fantastic to walk around, the best one of it's kind! Definitely worth a visit and beware of all the kitty cats!


Scenic beauty all around. The drive to the place is wonderful too. The history is baffling. A good place to visit.


Loved it. There was this weird man reading a book. He ended up being on Google Maps. Overall this place was fun and I loved going on a vacation here.


The best preserved temple in Athens. It is respectful and reminiscent of Athens' glorious years.


Beautiful and well preserved temple. The entire area is a gorgeous walk


One of the sites to see in the world. Truly amazing, part of the whole host of things you get to see in Athens in your temple walk. Looking down on the city is a truly great experience. Made me feel like Jason Bourne.


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