Temple of Hephaestus

Athens, Greece
4.9 / 9
The temple of the V century BC, belonging to the Classical era of Greek history. It was erected at the behest of the Athenian ruler Pericles, an outstanding commander and talented politician. The roof of the building is mounted on the orderly rows of marble Doric columns, the friezes are made in compliance with the canons of the Ionic style. Interestingly, from the 7th century A.D. and until the beginning of the XIX century in the temple of Hephaestus was the Orthodox Church of St. George.
Temple of Hephaestus

gal topaz-weiss

As the most well preserved temple of its kind in Greece , this temple is amazing. It lets you see as close as it's gets how the temples looked back th.. Read more »

Roland Jung

Great! Not the largest temple but the best condition of all temples in Greece! Good to get a proper imagination how it looked like in ancient times!

A. G.

I loved this place more than the Parthenon because it was so peaceful, green and quite. It’s a great place to just sit and enjoy the view of the templ.. Read more »

Jayde Müller

Very pretty, it’s almost completely rebuilt

André Marques

Wonderful, maybe the best preserved temple in Athens. A must.

Nikolett K.

Actually I liked this ancient ruin the most!! Part of the Agora, so when you walk around there, you will definitely find it.

Cal Price

This is all in the Agora Park its the older looking temple but i think it has also been renovated pay one fee of 10 per adult and you can walk around .. Read more »

Stefano Petri

Not huge but gives you a perfect idea of Greek architecture. Just imagine it out painted in red and white and add some sculptures.. clean out (with im.. Read more »

Meg Nicholson

Beautiful ancient temple, worth a visit and to explore the surrounding gardens and ruins. Well preserved with impressive details.

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