Tempel Synagogue, Kraków

Krakow, Poland
3.6 / 5
Tempel Synagogue, Kraków
Address:Miodowa 24, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 429 57 35


This is a first for me. Never visited a synagogue before. All in all it wasn't worth the entrance fee. Oddly it was the only religious establishment e.. Read more »

Taylor Hensson

Interesting to visit, beautifully decorated and intense atmosphere. It's not a museum, so there's little explanation as to what you see besides a litt.. Read more »

Σοφία Σαββίδου

The synagogue was nice but you should not pay ten zlt to enter in a religious place thats not a museum

Joanna Rigby

Well worth a visit. This synagogue only survived the wwas because the Nazis used it to stable their horses! Lovely stained glass windows too.

Martin Krenčey

This is a beautifully preserved and historically important synagogue of Krakow. It is definitely a must see for anyone interested in the topic. There .. Read more »

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