Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral

Tbilisi, Georgia
3.6 / 5
The Cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which was erected in the period 1995-2004. according to the project of A. Mindiashvili. Given the difficult times that came in Georgia in the 90s, it was quite difficult to allocate the entire amount from the state budget, therefore, a significant part of the money was collected through voluntary donations. Tsminda Sameba is a whole complex, which includes a monastery, a seminary, the residence of the patriarch and the cathedral.
Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral
Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral
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Lovely church in the middle of the city. The newly built construction makes this church special. It is huge and breathtaking as you get closer to the building. Inside it is very impressive with the different pictures and the high decorated ceiling. I.. Read more »


Probably very pretty during warmer months. The cathedral is impressive, but doesn't offer much in the way of relics or impressive interior architecture. It's prettier from afar and it up.


Largest cathedral of Tbilisi and probably Georgia. On a hillock with marvellous views of the city. Large grounds and an imposing structure. There are many beautiful sculptures inside the church too.


Is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox church with beautiful sculptures & nicely maintained. located in the city of Tbilisi.Is the third tallest eastern orthodox cathedral in the world, designed in traditional Georgian style.


First of all, to clarify, this is not a historic monument like St Peter's or the cathedrals in Seville or Milan. It's a modern building completed in 2004, probably only for touristic purposes. There is no apparent architecture style. So it's just bas.. Read more »


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