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★ 3.6

Tbilisi International Airport

Tbilisi, Georgia
3.6 / 41
Phone:+995 32 231 04 21

Ebrahim Sayadi

One of the best airports in the world. No checks and inspections are required. It is quiet and peaceful. It has friendly staff. The airport loudsp.. Read more »

Esam Al Khatib

Passport control officers treat some people in a bad way. You have to be very careful and extra polite otherwise they will let you wait for long time... Read more »

Kandaswamy Kumar

Nicely maintained, for a country flooded with visitors. Helpful staff. As they allow many countries with visa on arrival without fees, the verificatio.. Read more »

Aliyeh Jafari

A very nice and calm airport. The check-in part took a long time but I think that was due to checking all vaccination proofs. The waiting lounge is cl.. Read more »


Use the Bolt app to get from and to the airport. We used it to get around the city as well and it was cheap and reliable. On arrival they were very sl.. Read more »

Jaroslav Tran

One of the worst airport experiences I’ve ever had. Make sure to come in advance as you will most likely need all the 3 hours that are recommended. .. Read more »

Travel Advisor

Small airport but easy and with quick access to go through. On arrival there’s many currency exchange booths. On departure 1st security check, passpor.. Read more »

Ranen Rambrij

Positives: arrival/departure immigration, baggage collection and check in was quick. Negatives: being constantly harassed by taxi drivers when exitin.. Read more »

noon v

Small airport. The area are clean. There is only 1 restaurant in the departure hall (before check in). After the security and passport control, there .. Read more »

Rawan M

Disclaimer - this was our first time in Georgia( Beautiful country, would totally recommend visiting) . The Airport experience however was absolutely.. Read more »

Dinis Branco

Its a very simple but nice Airport...not so many stores at Departure... In my opinion a some more "souvenirs" products will be very good...very good w.. Read more »


It's good experienced for me. Love the security guard there because when I needed help, they lend a helping hand immediately. Nice people working here.. Read more »

Ahmed Adawi

Worst airport experience I ever had They picked us all the Arab and Indian passengers and left us standing for one hour with no place to sit and also .. Read more »


From double scanning and opening my checked, carry on and my personal luggage, researching my prescribed medication online, to shouting at my mum and .. Read more »

Mark Anthony

Be aware on this kind of taxi scam in the airport. The old guy is offering us a taxi ride with a meter (he said the standard one, economy) going to ou.. Read more »

Lena Smakowska

Overall the airport is small and convenient. Limited food options available at night. Would be very grateful for more vegan choices...

Hassan Al-Zahrani

Georgia has only a good weather .. else nothing special .. services, food, tourists, entertainment, attitude, old culture, poor people who is always a.. Read more »


Overall, its good airport. But, for some reason when announcement is in English, for boarding they don't mention the gate. Even at screen, it mention.. Read more »

Brandon Jones

Tbilisi International airport is a relaxed airport. It's a small airport but is enough for a city like Tbilisi which doesn't have a big population any.. Read more »

Lynn Bouselly

Good airport for its size. Clean and well maintained. Duty Free is exceptionally overpriced however. Do NOT leave your wine shopping to the airport!

Can Turhan

Taxi scam is quite common. Take the ride, when you arrive to the city center and when driver asks 150 - 200 or so GEL just show him 50 and that’s all... Read more »

Ruslan Rodriguez

Small but convenient airport. Friendly staff and polite security. You can change money to local currency right here without sacrificing the rate, just.. Read more »

Nick Z

One of the best airports I had traveled through. Fast and time efficient. Staff is always helpful and willing to help

David Alavidze

The airport had only 2 check-in stations working and had more than 10 not working there was an hour long line to those 2 stations which could be easil.. Read more »

Bouthaina Boustangi

Very small airport Staff is not helpful and there is nothing to eat or drink . very limited choices There must be a nice cafe or restaurant Less than .. Read more »

giorgi salamashvili

The first airport terminal building was constructed in 1952. Designed by the architect V. Beridze in the style of Stalinist architecture the building .. Read more »


Great airport all were very quick and smooth from entrance to plane.

how to mike slime najs

Very bad treatment and very rude way Bad experience Keeping my daughter travelled to apply for college they kept her 2 hours standing and not allowing.. Read more »

Aehsan Samar

Well developed and services also good and nothing to worry as assistance is always there

G. C.

One of the best airports in the Eastern Europe 7 times in a row at Skytrax World Airport Awards.


Good airport Fast checking Good sanitation

I. Cenk Odabaşı

Land of kind and hospitable people

Val Mal

Отвратительно ! Terrible! Never com to Georgia! I com whit COVID TEST I HAVE MY COVID TEST !The don’t talk , don’t look . police aggressive sent me to.. Read more »

Aditya Mohan Dyundi

Small airport Rude staff Cafeteria was very expensive Most of the staff don't communicate in English Delay in flight No signboard It took around 30 mi.. Read more »

Jelena Minkevičienė

Safe place, plenty of police

Eftihia Xiruhaki

Small-size airport with interesting shops and snack bars in the tranzit area.

Lesley Koch

Wait wait wait!!

Paul Weiss

Very nice airport , small but clean and friendly ,

Eng. Leo G clements

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport formerly Novo Alexeyevka International Airport, is the main international airport in Georgia, located 17.. Read more »

aniket dhalwalkar

Tblisi airport. It's very neat and clean. Airport is small but that not a big problem.Its plus point. You can do all formalities within few minutes. L.. Read more »

Jonny Williams

A nice airport. The airport itself and its facilities are fine, so many taxis available from the airport.. a good atmosphere.. friendly staff... The a.. Read more »