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Tate Modern Gallery

London, England
4.6 / 25
Gallery of modern art, attracting millions of tourists every year. It is considered one of the largest in the world. The collection is composed of works from the period beginning of the XX century. and to this day. The modern building opened to visitors in 2000. It consists of seven floors, each of which has its own exposure. The museum is housed in a converted building of a former power station.
Tate Modern Gallery
Address:Bankside, London
Phone:+44 20 7887 8888
Hours:monday: 10:00–18:00 tuesday: 10:00–18:00 wednesday: 10:00–18:00 thursday: 10:00–18:00 friday: 10:00–22:00 saturday: 10:00–22:00 sunday: 10:00–18:00

Neo Psycho

Free gallery of modern art. Some exhibition are paid. You may need to book ahead even if for a free slot (Covid times). You need at least 2 hours to a.. Read more »

willow moon

lovely place! the artworks are genuinely amazing and awe-inspiring. entry is free and if you book before hand, there is barely any wait. it is simply .. Read more »

Jordan Benyon

The museum itself was inspiring, a fantastic layout with some even more fantastic modern art. We thoroughly enjoyed our day out there. The only down s.. Read more »

ClaudiuMircea Mladin

Modern is what it is.... Couldn't be less. But there's always hope, hope is all we have. A nice place, a lot of space, and then more and more space. B.. Read more »

Stephanie McHugh

The kids had a blast playing "I spy with my little eye". They also loved the activities that the Tate had for them. One way system was effective and e.. Read more »

Frank Binder

A great place to have a nice day out with the family or art oriented friends, beautiful exhibits from all around the world are on display here. And to.. Read more »

Eldridge Cales

Loved this museum and was so glad I decided to stop by on my weekend trip to London. If you like modern art, you should definitely come here. They ha.. Read more »


Really fun to explore the unusual but very interesting sculptures, paintings and projects that you probably won't see anywhere else. This place also h.. Read more »

Wai po

The modern part of it is really nice and it is a very spacious museum. However, the contemporary side of this museum is definitely not for everyone. E.. Read more »

David X

My favourite museum in London! Can spend the day there across all the floors and to top it uo the view from the panoramic floor is amazing (well when .. Read more »

Chelsea Smith

Obviously the art is amazing, and the cafes and shops are also great. The book selection in the shops is outstanding. I’ve almost always had positive .. Read more »

Miroslava Todorova

Visited Tate Modern today for 1st time this year! I'm so happy to be back! Although it is not the same and it is one way on the Collection Route, it i.. Read more »

Akinlade Jeremiah

TATE MODERN ? is a unique art experience. The permanent exhibits are fantastic ? and free (though one should leave a donation) ?. Temporary exhibi.. Read more »


Second time at Tate, this time I came for the Andy Warhol exhibit. It was really well coordinated with plenty of signage from outside the museum to kn.. Read more »

Stephen Spicer

Ok, so Tate Modern. I think most visited attraction in UK. You either are interested in contemporary art, hate it or merely crossing it of your 10 thi.. Read more »

Jack Stokes

Amazing museum with some fantastic free galleries- currently have to pre-book which I didn't realise but staff were real friendly and understanding ab.. Read more »

Ira Noviani

Great exterior and interior. The modern style is applied throughout with the warehouse style (high ceiling, metal railing). I was there for the unforg.. Read more »

Victoria Wootton

Absolutely love the Tate Modern. I recently saw the Andy Warhol exhibition here and was worried how they might cope with Covid-restrictions as it was .. Read more »

Tom Joseph

Good pictures but staff quite rude.

T “Crowned25” Williams

There are some amazing paintings from amazing artists here. There are fees to gain access to certain exhibits. We accessed the free portions of the mu.. Read more »

Helen Ross

the Tate is always amazing, felt safe with good social distancing and most wearing masks

Emily Andrews

This is favourite London gallery. Going here soothes my soul, from the exhibitions to the architecture and location. The turbine hall and the lookout .. Read more »

Majid Moshtagh

I just visited Andy Warhol exhibition. It is a good collection of Andy's art. Mostly you can see his paitings, a few movies made by him and a few othe.. Read more »

Matt Lesser

Being a big fan of modern art this was an excellent stumble upon as we wandered the south bank. Being as it was our first European museum visited adde.. Read more »

Daniel LO

Tate modern is the must go place for contemporary art in London. It’s free, beautiful and well connected. It’s so huge that they do many great exhibi.. Read more »

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