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Residential Complex Taryan Towers

Kyiv, Ukraine
2.3 / 12
Residential Complex Taryan Towers
Residential Complex Taryan Towers
Address:вулиця Іоанна Павла II, 12, Київ
Phone:+380 44 299 5444
Hours:monday: 09:00–19:00 tuesday: 09:00–19:00 wednesday: 09:00–19:00 thursday: 09:00–19:00 friday: 09:00–19:00 saturday: 11:00–15:00 sunday: Closed

Александр 22r

house maintenance 95 UAH per m2 ??? and obligation ADVANCE PAYMENT for a year in advance guys are you all right with logic and arithmetic? Ie SDPT for.. Read more »

Kot Mozur

Frightened by the tariffs of this house. 95 UAH 1m2 when it will be introduced. It is architecturally beautiful, but because of this nuance, they chan.. Read more »

Voldemarius А

Maybe it would be beautiful, but only somewhere on the left bank or obolon.

Mariia Shvets

The management raised the prices for the apartment right after we sent all the personal documents for the contract. Some strange attitude towards cust.. Read more »

Annabel Elliott

Attention to all investors! The service price of this complex is from 56 UAH. for 1m2. This is more than all the elite complexes in Kiev !! The develo.. Read more »

Dron UA

Beautiful project! is it like Moscow city minimal salaries?

Андрей Костенко

The bomb project, I really like it, is one of the best projects in Kyiv

tvoy golos

An interesting house, I want more of these buildings in the city. The architecture resembles Dubai, Singapore, Miami. And on the roofs it will be poss.. Read more »

Елена Спажева

The complex is being built on a narrow street with one lane in each direction. Near school, speed limit. How will the tenants drive along such a narro.. Read more »

Deadesign Anna

Probably the buildings themselves will be nice, but there is practically no territory near the buildings and one building casts a shadow on another, t.. Read more »

Anastasiia “Saboten” Myro

Maybe this is a very cool and possibly very beautiful LCD. Personally, I still doubt it. But while it is being built this is a tin! Construction sound.. Read more »

Дмитрий Топилин

High tower!

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