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Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Budapest, Hungary
4.8 / 12
A large bathing complex in Europe, opened in 1913. Healing water in the pools comes from a depth of more than 1200 meters from a hot well and several small cold wells. In addition to swimming in healing water, the complex in Secheni provides a number of additional services: a sauna, water gymnastics, a gym, wellness and so on. All this is included in the price of admission.
Széchenyi Thermal Bath
Address:Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11
Phone:+36 1 363 3210
Hours:monday: 06:00–22:00 tuesday: 06:00–22:00 wednesday: 06:00–22:00 thursday: 06:00–22:00 friday: 06:00–22:00 saturday: 06:00–22:00 sunday: 06:00–22:00

Ya Ting Tsai

So basically if you have a Euro tickets now, you can come in without any document. Or else a PCR or vaccine pass (not all the countries are recognized.. Read more »

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I had an amazing time visiting these thermal baths with my son!! Beautiful experience!! Very memorable. Definitely worth a visit if you can get there... Read more »

Dmitry Borschanenko

I'll DEFINITELY go there again. It's the ultimate relaxing place, must visit if you're in Budapest. Food is a bit pricey, so, take something with you,.. Read more »

Carmen clb

I really loved the atmosphere of this place. It was a little bit too crowded, but still amazing. You can relax while having a bath in their thermal wa.. Read more »

Cui Méh-è

To experience the best of Budapest’s famous bath culture, book a Széchenyi Spa Fast Track Ticket which enables you to skip to the front of the queue. .. Read more »

Aneta Melicharová

Very good spa for not very high amount of money. The swimming pools were fantastic, especially the one with 40 degrees. The staff was used to English... Read more »

Mayank Jain

A place to relax after nights of heavy partying and drinking. The various temperature level of different pools gives you all types of body relaxing wa.. Read more »

Carla Abrantes

This place is huge!!! There are nowhere near as many chairs as needed so most of ppl (like me) don’t get to have one and I was visiting on a Tuesday (.. Read more »

Juliusz Buszta

Great place to chill when visiting Budapest. Clear warm water in the pools, ? in the bar. What else one could need? ? It's good to know, however, to t.. Read more »

Christian Risager

A wonderful place to spend the day, fair prices and good amenities. Would however recommend that you bring your own towels, slippers, bathing cap and .. Read more »

Jack Smith

Visited back in January. Highly recommend going if you have the chance! Amazing value for money! Will be coming back sometime over New Years- can’t wa.. Read more »

Muhammad Waleed Sadiq

One of the best places in the world and the largest outdoor spa in the world. Definitely a must visit place if you visit Budapest. The vibes here are .. Read more »

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