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Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Budapest, Hungary
4.7 / 15
Suspension bridge over the Danube River, connecting the two parts of the city. It was built by the British architect W.T. Clark in 1849. After World War II, the bridge was rebuilt with donations from citizens. The length of the structure is 380 meters, width - 14.8 meters. A spectacular view of Budapest opens from the bridge, here you can take many successful photographs. In the evenings, elegant lights turn on.
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
Address:Budapest, Széchenyi Lánchíd

Chaiyot Yetho

One of The Hungarian Danube’s signature when visiting this uniquely beautiful city. The bridge connects two sides of this capital city and we can see .. Read more »

Dee Shanika

Built in the modern era of Budapest it connects the two banks: the one with the old town and the other with the rest of history. Seeing it by night is.. Read more »

Jaydin Ann

It would be so easy to take a bus or the Metro to get across the Danube, but I prefer to walk across the Chain Bridge. The views are wonderful- lots o.. Read more »

Amish Agarwal

One of the most iconic attractions in Budapest. It gives an amazing view of the surrounding areas. A good photography point, an even better point for .. Read more »

G. O.

The Chain Bridge , a suspended bridge crossing the Danube connecting Buda to Pest , is one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe. Lions carved in th.. Read more »

I Travel Alone.

Great place One of the most beautiful bridge in Europe.

Mikel De Luca

The bridge is beautiful and it has a perfect riverside bar at the pest part of the bridge!

David Urban

It's a bridge... That's it....

Ádám Dávid Sándor

In my opinion, this bridge is the most beautiful in Budapest. The bridge, the river and the view are all amazing. At night, it is lit up, so walking o.. Read more »

Yegor Batov

Cool bridge with a nice view of the city! I recommend going there when it’s dark so you can see all of the awesome Budapest night lights!

Shahroze Ali

Moat visited bridge as it is one of the touristic place of Budapest. Mostly will see foreigners here on the bridge. It was ruined in WW2 but was then .. Read more »

Karol W.

Whatever you say, it is one of the Budapest's main landmarks. You can walk on both sides of the bridge, the pedestrian area is well separated from the.. Read more »

Raman Kumar Khadria

This bridge looks amazing in the night. It's well attractive and you can click alot of pics. To walk around in the evening is best thing to do after h.. Read more »

Kris Bloemen

Very beautiful bridge... You can easily walk over it apart from the cars. It's a separate lane on both sides. Love that you see the real structure of .. Read more »

Bob Roberts

Beautiful old style bridge, originally built in 1849 and rebuilt in 1949, using chains at the ends of the bridge to anchor the structure. (Suspension .. Read more »

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